Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future

When we saw the gorgeous Samsung Super OLED TV at CES, we were stunned. We wanted it in our living room. We thought about stealing it. We wanted to buy it but turns out, we can't afford it. It's going to cost around £5,500. Read More >>

The Best New Big TV: Samsung Super OLED

Go to the window right now. Look out onto the real world. Now imagine that it looks better. That's how incredible the Samsung Super OLED is. Read More >>

My Eyes Orgasmed When I Saw the Samsung Super OLED TV

My eyes have never felt so good than when they saw Samsung Super OLED TV. IT WAS SOO CLEAR. I went to go see it up close and it's beaaaautiful. Seriously, you'll see its gorgeousness in the video above but it's even better looking in person. Criminally good lookin'. Read More >>

Samsung's Big Beautiful OLED TV of the Future Is Here

Looks like 2012 will be the closest thing we've had to the year of the OLED—real products with serious screen size. Like Samsung's "Super OLED," offering 55 inches of mega-rich colour and brightness. Bonus: Kinect-esque body tracking, too. Read More >>


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