How Apple Decided it Wanted to Sue Samsung for £1.3 Billion

If you've ever wondered how companies like Apple settle of a figure for which to sue their competitors in the many and varied legal trials you hear about, you're in luck. Court filings have revealed how Apple came to the $2.19 billion (£1.3 billion) sum it's currently pursuing Samsung for. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Meta-Review: A Worthy Upgrade, Even With Some Muddy Areas

We're still working on our Samsung Galaxy S5 review, but to tease your palate, see below for a smörgåsbord of thoughts from the first wave of reviews for Samsung's latest flagship. Read More >>

Pics of Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F Show Premium Design and Quad HD Screen (Updated)

This thing here, according to a new smartphone leaker in town, is the Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung's rumoured "super premium" model that takes things up a notch from the popular Galaxy S range. A quad HD display is one delight that awaits, if it's a real thing. Read More >>

A New Document Details Apple's Supposed Concern Over Competitors

In a recent ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, an interesting document was brought up as evidence -- a document that noted concern about Apple's decreased share of the mobile phone market. Read More >>

Samsung Claims "Breakthrough" in Magical Material Graphene Production

Samsung's trying to bag itself a lead in the commercialisation of graphene, claiming that its Advanced Institute of Technology has done something clever with synthesising large-area graphene into a single crystal on a semiconductor. Seriously! Read More >>

A Slimline Galaxy S5 Zoom Could Make the Phone Part of the S4 Zoom Frankencamera Useful

A tip of the hat is in order for Samsung's brave Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-smartphone mash-up attempt, which fused an optical zoom camera lens with the guts of an Android phone. A pity then it was so ugly. For its next trick, Samsung is rumoured to be working on the Galaxy S5 Zoom cameraphone, and is making it look more like, well, a phone. Read More >>

Mystery Samsung SM-G906S Mobile May be Quad HD Galaxy S5

An unknown Samsung model number has popped up in the GFXBench testing tools, with something operating under the Samsung-style model number of SM-G906S appearing to have a 2560 x 1440 resolution display. The Galaxy S5 HD? Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Series is a Modest Upgrade in Three Sizes

It may be "one louder" than Samsung's Galaxy Tab3 range in the sequential numbering stakes, but the newly revealed Tab4 line-up (previously leaked by the company itself) remains only a minor upgrade to the mid-range gang. Read More >>

Apple Demands £24 Per Device From Samsung in New Patent Kerfuffle

The Apple and Samsung Patent War is being rebooted for 2014, with this year's blockbuster tech battle seeing Apple demanding a massive $40 per phone in compo from Samsung over claims the Korean giant copied the iPhone's software features. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Baby Monitor That Reports to Your Smartwatch

Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has a surprising hidden feature that tech bloggers have just discovered: the phone can double as a baby monitor—provided you've got it paired to a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. And y'know, you don't mind leaving your baby and your phone behind while you're in another room. Read More >>

Save £80 on a Samsung Galaxy Phablet With Your "Note 2 be Sniffed at" Deal of the Day

Ever felt like you don't have enough gadgets in your life? Human warmth doesn't thrill you any more, so you need bits of electronics with apps that will distract you from your gnawing self loathing and unswerving hatred? Good news! We've got loads of deals on gadgets which will slam shut your window of despair. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Goes Up for Pre-Order Today at Phones 4 U and Carphone Warehouse

With HTC having shown its hand with the HTC One M8, and Sony's Xperia Z2 also long having been revealed, we've now got a clear look at the Samsung Galaxy S5's Android competition. And if you still feel the latest Galaxy flagship comes out on top, you'll be able to pre-order it from today. Read More >>

Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

A carbon dioxide leak in a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has killed one of its workers, according to Korean news agency Yonhap News. Read More >>

Get a Galaxy Note 3 for £399.98 With Your "Any Colour, as Long as it's Black" Deal of the Day

You might be a drug dealer or someone who has a countless sexual partners or, indeed, you might have just broken your phone after dropping it down the loo while drunk. Either way: you need a new phone. Read More >>

Apple Patents iPad Stylus With Fancy Retractable Nib

A new Apple patent has been uncovered, one that was originally filed in September of 2012, that sees the tech giant filing details of an interactive stylus with multiple nib settings to cater for different uses. A pen and a paintbrush, for example, popping out of the same hole. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Advert Lays Into iPad, Surface and Kindle

This is the advertising equivalent of walking up to the most popular kids in school, kicking them in the nether regions and then asking them out for a fight. Fair play to Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro advert -- it's got balls, if not all of its facts straight. Read More >>


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