This MicroSD Card Packs Massive Capacity into a Minute Form Factor

At the company's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, SanDisk announced the single largest-capacity MicroSD card ever created. This tiny storage medium offers an unprecedented 128GB of space, but don't expect it to come cheap. Read More >>

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SanDisk Just Made the Fastest 4K-Slinging SD Card Yet

SanDisk just announced an absurdly fast card that can go almost three times faster than the previous champ. Why do you need all that horsepower? To chomp 4K video, of course. Read More >>

SanDisk Connect: Share and Stream Your Mobile Media Anywhere (For Less)

When was the last time you held a roll of 35mm film in your hands? For a vast majority of folks, it's been a while given as our phones now pull triple duty as our comms, cameras, and pocket computers. But getting photos and files off your phone has always been a sticking point — you either have to run cables to your computer, email yourself the files, or entrust your sensitive data to some company's insecure cloud. With SanDisk's new Connect line, you'll never have to deal with cables or clouds again. And they won't anchor down your wallet, either. Read More >>

Mini Solar-Powered Car Is Your Less-Than-Two-Gold-Coins Deal of the Day

Okay, so thanks to the might of the electric car, it looks as though petrol and diesel have had their day. But will we soon all be tootling around in SOLAR cars? Maybe... Read More >>

Nothing In Your Pocket Will Damage This Spinning Flash Drive

Flash drives are so cheap and ubiquitous that you probably have them stashed everywhere, even on your keychain. And to ensure that all the jostling against your keys, coins, and whatever else is in your pockets doesn't kill the drive, SanDisk has equipped its latest Cruzer with a spinning shield.
Available in capacities from four to thirty-two gigs, the durable Orbit drives top out at around £25 so they're not terribly expensive. It probably means they're not terribly fast either, but survival is the name of the game here, slow and steady. The Cruzer Orbit also comes packed with a host of encryption software that you'll probably immediately obliterate during a format, but it's nice to know it's there. [SanDisk via 7Gadgets] Read More >>

A Nintendo Wii Or DSi On-the-Cheap Is Your Mario-Extravaganza Deal of the Day

Nintendo are gearing their fun-providing arses up and are almost ready to release their new Wii U console, with its weird giant controller and everything. Read More >>

A Bundle of Free PSN+ Games Is Your Gamers-Double-Dip-Recession-Busting Deal of the Day

How many fingers have you got? If it's less than nine you could be in trouble because today's bestest bargain might render you speechless and needing to count its components. If you're confused by that, it has nine components. Okay? Read More >>

A Studio Backdrop and Lighting Kit Is Your "I'm a Real Photographer Now" Deal of the Day

Are you an amateur photographer? Would you like people to think that you’re a professional photographer instead? Swear to us that you’re not going to lure innocent young wannabes into your orbit with promises of a glittering career in ‘modelling’? Good. Read More >>

A Cheap iPad, Old or New, Is Your "an Apple a Day Keeps Your Tablet-Envy at Bay" Deal of the Day

The entire world has got iPad fever! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but for the sake of this opening paragraph, let’s all indulge ourselves in that mass delusion. Read More >>

A Cheap Electronic Cigarette Bundle Is Your "Because I Just Can't Give Up" Deal of the Day

Today, we’re not just going to save you some money, we could also help to save your life. Yes, that IS our serious face that’s staring at you from out of your computer screen. Read More >>

A Light-Up Star Wars TIE Advanced Webcam Is Your "Die Rebel Scum" Deal of the Day

Unlike its 1977 movie counterpart Little Johnny And The Disco Devils, Star Wars has never fallen out of favour with ‘the kids’. There’s been a slew of merchandise ever since, while in contrast, no Disco Devils play figures actually exist any more. Read More >>

The HTC Flyer Is Your 7-Inch iPad-Alternative on the Cheap Deal of the Day

The new iPad is on its way! We expect it’ll be pretty much like the last one – good-looking, fast, useful, but with a few features annoyingly absent and a £400+ price tag. Hmmm… Read More >>

Archos 70 Is Your "Under 100 Squid" Tablet Deal of the Day

Today’s best bargain is a little beauty if you’re looking to tablet yourself up (not in an overdosey way) and join the hip, modern crowd, but without splashing out a pile of dough on something that might break when your fat uncle sits on it. Read More >>


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