How Iwan Baan Captured the Most Iconic Image of Hurricane Sandy

Iwan Baan photographed New York City from the air last Wednesday, and his image has become perhaps the most iconic record of Sandy, gracing the cover of New York magazine and flooding the internet. This is how he got the shot. Read More >>

This Sea-Worthy Robot Sailor Surfed Straight Through Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage, and it’s going to take a long time to get everything fixed back up. Not everything succumbed to Sandy’s destructive force, however. This little surfing robot, for example, survived on the high seas despite the storm, never failing to do its duty all the while. Read More >>

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Watch These New Yorkers Celebrate in the Streets After Getting Power Back

Manhattan’s lower east side had the pleasure of finally getting its power back yesterday, after about a week of going without. As you can imagine, people were pretty stoked. This passerby caught some footage of the celebration. The whole scene is positively jubilant. Enjoy. [Reddit] Read More >>

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User Manual: Don't Instagram Natural Disasters

Instagram is a nice thing. It’s fun to peek at the lives of others, and it’s fun to make our photos look fun. But there’s nothing fun about a hurricane people are dying in, and scenes from a horrific crisis don’t deserve to be drenched in your sepia. Read More >>

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Giz Explains: What It Takes to Restore Cellular Service After a Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy and left an estimated eight million people without power. Plenty more have spotty cellular service—if they have any at all. But why do some people get a signal when others don’t? And what does it take to get a wireless service back online? Read More >>

Yes, Climate Change Caused Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has ripped away any lasting doubt among scientists that climate change is causing an increasing number of natural disasters. Scientific American explains that Sandy got so large because the cold Jet Stream dropped down into the storm system and pushed more energy into her. But there’s climate change, without a doubt, also played a big role: Read More >>

The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast of North America. The storm is massive — but will she be among the most extreme hurricanes of all time? Read More >>


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