Now You Can Help Search for the Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

The Boeing 777 that seemed to disappear into thin air last weekend has still not been found after five days of search and rescue. Now a crowdsourcing company has started a campaign where anyone can pore over satellite images to find traces of Flight 370 or its 239 passengers. Read More >>

How Swarms of Tiny Satellites Are Creating a Real-Time Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing resource, but if there's one criticism that can be levelled at it, it's that it's permanently out of date due to the lag between when the data is acquired and when it appears online. But right now, a pair of Californian startups are putting swarms of tiny satellites into space, creating real time satellite imagery that will solve that problem. Read More >>

google maps
Google Maps Reinterpreted as Intricate Persian Rugs are Beautifully Complex

Sometimes, Google Maps throws up some striking imagery—and now David Thomas Smith has seized on some of the more striking elements to create a series of artworks that combine satellite images with inspiration from traditional Persian rug-making. Read More >>


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