They're Finally Building the World's New Tallest Tower

For three years, the fate of Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower has hung in the balance. The kilometre-high tower, conceived in the heady days of the 2000s, has gone through multiple false starts and height chops since 2008. Now, its creators have set a date to begin construction. Read More >>

How the Persian Gulf is Quietly Building a Railroad Empire

Over in the US, the arrival of a new tunnel boring machine is huge news, warranting naming ceremonies and Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, in Doha, officials have quietly signed a contract to buy fifteen boring machines to build a sprawling new underground rail system. And that's nothing compared to the massive transit network being built to connect the rest of the Gulf states. Read More >>

Think Our Weather is Bad? In Saudi Arabia it's Raining Human Body Parts

So, things are a little wet here in the UK at the moment. But that's nothing. You've heard the expression "raining cats and dogs", right? Well, in Saudi Arabia it's raining human body parts. Read More >>

Saudi Arabian Men Now Get Text Alerts When Their Women Leave the Country

In Saudi Arabia, if a woman leaves the country, her husband or male "guardian" will receive a text message to let him know that, even if she's traveling with him, ho boy! His woman is on the loose. Read More >>


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