Everyone's a Master Bartender With This App-Connected Drink Scale

You've mastered opening your guest's beers with your bare hands, but what about when a dinner party calls for something a little more sophisticated? You can try you hand as an amateur mixologist, hoping you've got the proportions right for the perfect cocktail. Or wait for Brookstone's new Perfect Drink system that guarantees precise pours.
The heart of the system is a tablet app that includes an exhaustive library of cocktails and other mixed drinks, ensuring you know exactly what goes into every concoction. And to guarantee you don't screw it up, a connected scale measures every ingredient as you add it, guiding you through the creation process and keeping tabs on how much you've poured. Read More >>

This Bathroom Scale Also Suggests Exercises To Maintain Your Weight

Good news if you're tired of your personal fitness trainer's constant nagging you about eating healthy and staying active. You can just replace them with this bathroom scale that not only tells you how much you weigh, but also what kind of activities you can do to maintain your current physique. Read More >>

The Last Thing a Kitchen Scale Needs Is a Built-In Video Display

Besides a sleek design or the promise of ridiculous accuracy, there's not much a company can do to differentiate a kitchen scale from the rest of the pack. Or is there? The creators of this kitchen scale think they found the key to woo customers: a built-in full color LCD display for watching videos. Read More >>

Scientists Build Scales That Can Weigh a Single Proton

How do you weigh an atom? To be honest, that's a question with plenty of problems which need answering, but one thing's certain: you need some accurate scales. Now, scientists have made a set that can measure the smallest unit of mass, the yoctogram—which is less than the mass of a single proton. Read More >>

Glowing Scale Looks Like a Star Trek-Inspired Transporter To a Thinner You

Medisana's TargetScale is another wireless weight-monitoring solution that reports back to a smartphone so you can better track your progress. But its real appeal is a set of animated glowing rings that will make your bathroom feel like Captain Kirk's most private quarters. Read More >>

Fitbit's New WiFi Scale Looks Awesomely Familiar

Fitbit is showing off a new WiFi scale that tracks your weight and sends it to a database. Oh, hey, Withings much? Sure. But it's a concept whose time has come, and this looks like a well-done version. Read More >>


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