Entirely Fake Virus Shield App Charged £3 for... Nothing

Android app Virus Shield appeared from nowhere to become the #1 new paid download last week, but there was one problem -- it didn't do anything. The app claimed to protect phones with one click, but analysis of the code showed it was just a graphical trick that did nothing. Somehow, it was on a user review score of 4.7 when it was pulled. [Android Police] Read More >>

Cold Call Scammer Convicted for Scaring Windows Users Into Paying for Software

Hooray! One of the people behind the "Your computer is leaking personal information" phone scams has been convicted, with Mohammed Khalid Jamil earning a four-month suspended jail term for hiring call centre staff to trick unaware Windows users into paying for bogus malware protection. Read More >>

Man Investigated by Police After Tesco Sold Him a Clay iPad

Poor old Colin Marsh blew £470 on an iPad from Tesco as a treat for his two daughters, and was understandably disappointed when he got it home and discovered the box was filled with three lumps of clay instead. That's even less useful than a BlackBerry PlayBook. Read More >>

Elaborate Chinese Real Estate Scam Traps Owners in Illegal Flats

In New York, shady brokers have long been known to sell the same apartment to multiple gullible buyers. In China, however, real estate scammers have gone to the next level: Buyers are being “taken hostage” by developers who fail to mention that the apartments they’re selling are totally illegal. Read More >>

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What Online Scammers Would Look Like If They Were Real People

When we see Nigerian princes or weird links or invasive people who want to much personal information pop up in our email inbox, we immediately know that they're scams. It's part of the Internet. But what if it was a part of real life too? It would be absolutely terrifying to see online scams and viruses as people. Read More >>

Chinese Apple Scammers Swap Fake iPhone Parts for the Real Deal

A very ingenious new kind of high-tech scam has been going down in China, where clever thieves are returning fake iPhone components to Apple and claiming they're broken official parts, receiving genuine Apple-made pieces in return. And making a nice profit in the process. Read More >>

OMG! Emails From the 'Director General of Mi5' Asking for Money are Actually Scams!

It's amazing that people still fall for this crap in this day and age, but anyway, it seems that scammers are emailing people pretending to be part of Mi5 and asking for money. Clearly, it's a problem, because pretty much the most prominent thing on the Mi5 website at the moment is a big notice telling people to not send money in reply to these emails. Duh. Read More >>

Buy Yourself a Convincing Internet Girlfriend for £25

Brazillian site NamoroFake takes all the hassle out of finding yourself a woman to share long evenings of stony silence in front of the TV with, creating you a rather cute fake girlfriend account, complete with Facebook status updates and a decent, believable history, for a rather competitive price. Read More >>

Apple's App Store Is Finally Cracking Down on the Screenshot Scam

After years of complaints, scams, and careless screening tactics, Apple's App Store is finally starting to figure itself out. The latest update should stop developers from using misleading screenshots by locking them into place once the app gets approved. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn't Post Your Concert Tickets on Facebook

The scene: your girlfriend and/or boyfriend (hey, nothing wrong with polyamory) got you tickets to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You've been waiting your whole life to see those goats up close, so naturally, you want to post pictures of your beloved gift on Facebook, rubbing it in all your friends' rodeo-less faces. Here's a tip: don't. Because someone will steal it. Read More >>

Sonic Bug Repellants Don't Freakin' Work, So Stop Buying Them

Summer usually means sticky sweaty skin and mosquitos who love to bite that sticky sweaty skin. How do you prevent mosquitos from biting you? Certainly not with sonic bug repellants and definitely not with sonic bug repellant smartphone apps. They don't work. They never did. They never will. Read More >>

Why Nigerian Scammers Say They're From Nigeria

We all get them: scam emails that claim to be able to make us millionaires overnight. But why are they so terribly unconvincing? And why do they even admit to being based in places like Nigeria? A Microsoft researchers claims to have the answer. Read More >>

211 Japanese Men Scammed out of £161,000 Through Android Porn App

Would you pay £805 to access some porn on your telephone? 211 Japanese men did, netting the creators of a mobile porn app some £161,000 -- and seeing them arrested for scamming their users. Read More >>

Android Angry Birds Clone Earned its Makers £28k in Premium Rate Text Scam

Those fake apps that pop up really do work for their makers, it seems, with one enterprising Latvian scammer raking in around £28,000 thanks to releasing fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed and Cut the Rope on Google's Play Store. Read More >>

Facebook Ad Scam Artists Fined for Being Really, Really Awful

Adscend Media is the jerk ad agency responsible for many of the "OMG LOL THIS VIDEO IS SO GOOD JUSTIN BEIBER" links on Facebook that, when clicked, spam the same crap link to your friends. It has just been fined £62,000 by a Washington court for spamming and scamming Facebook users. Read More >>

Warning: Scammers Are Targeting Megaupload Users With Fake Legal Threats

At least two scams targeting users of file-sharing services have emerged over the last few days. So far the reports all come from overseas, but if it's happening in Germany then similar scams in the UK are very likely. Watch out. Read More >>


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