Scanadu Updates Its Tricorder, Gets One Step Closer to Reality

On the SCOUT front, the gadget's overall outer design has been modified putting the sensors up front and is more rounded than before. Specs have also been revamped to include a 32-bit processor and is built on top of Micrium, the same system NASA uses for SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) aboard the Rover Curiosity. SCOUT can also analyse more than one being now. Read More >>

Holy Spock! The Star Trek Medical Tricorder Is Real, And It's Only £100

The device you're looking at is called the Scanadu SCOUT and, basically, it's a medical tricorder that will give you precise vital information about any human being within seconds, just on contact. I tried it myself, and knew I was looking at the beginning of a personal health revolution. Star Trek-level stuff. Except it's coming at the end of 2013. Read More >>


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