Five of Physics's Greatest Sex Scandals

Physicists need love, too. Just ask Paul Frampton, the physics professor who was sentenced recently after an alleged scam involving drugs and a bikini model. Read More >>

Is a Google Contractor Trying to Destroy OpenStreetMap?

Well, this is bad. OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of world maps, has been vandalised, with someone deliberately screwing up its data. Worse, the offending IP addresses seem to be coming from a set belonging to Google India. Careful where you drive. Read More >>

The Full, Awkward Sexual Fumblings That Got HP CEO Mark Hurd Fired

It's only been a little over a year since former HP CEO Mark Hurd resigned in a hailstorm of innuendo and disgrace, but—with HP having had two CEOs and and webOS saga since then—it already feels like ancient history. So this, er, blow by blow of sexual harassment charges dug up by AllThingsD? Strictly for you lovers of antiquities. And late night hotel room propositions. Read More >>


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