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Take an Amazing Virtual Tour of One of the Most Important Science Museum Exhibitions Ever Scrapped

In 1963, the Science Museum opened a maritime exhibition called the Shipping Galleries. It showed all sorts of amazing engineering feats, from the ship that broke Brunel, to the stunning battleships that ruled the waves. Unfortunately, it had to be closed in 2012 to make way for new exhibits, but not before it was laser scanned. This stunning, moving 3D fly-through tour is one of the results. Read More >>

Mark Champkins: The Science Museum's Inventor-in-Residence

Coming up with ideas and inventions on demand is tricky. I work as the Science Museum's "inventor-in-residence" and it is my job to generate a stream of products and ideas that are interesting to the science-savvy as well as engaging to those new to the museum. If possible the products should also be wildly popular and generate lots of income. No pressure then. Read More >>

Lose an Hour This Afternoon In Google's Weird and Wonderful Chrome Web Lab Experiment Thing

In conjunction with the Science Museum, Google's launched a fancy new interactive experiment that lets you prat around on the internet; play and make music together; see through the eyes of a robot, and a load of other awesome collaborative audio-visual experiences. Read More >>

This Is London's First Electric Taxi From Way Back In 1897

Electric cars are all the rage, or at least they're trying to be. We've got the Nissan Leaf, the Renault Fluence, and even the lust-worthy Tesla, but did you know the first electric taxi actually cropped up in London back in 1897, looking like a weird carriage without the horse. Read More >>

Learning About E. Coli Bacteria Mutations Can Be Fun!

The Science Museum has launched a series of little internet Flash games, designed to make today's lethargic youth a little more interested in the boring world of science and the possible future of our technology. Read More >>


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