DARPA Got a New Tagline (and Tom Cruise Helped)

Any day is a good when the government's most futuristic R&D lab starts cavorting around Twitter with Scientology superstars. And this is one of those days. Read More >>

Scientology Is as Bad at Photoshop as It Is at Not Brainwashing People

The Church of Scientology held an event for the opening of a new facility in Portland over the weekend. The crowd was around 450-750 people. But the church claims it was more like 2,500, and it Photoshopped in the proof. Read More >>

Join "The Church" and Point and Laugh at Scientology

An independent game developer is about to incur the holy wrath of Scientologists, by planning a satirical game that superbly mocks the concept of the religion. Read More >>

GTA V Spoofs Scientology With the Hilarious "Epsilon Program"

If you needed any proof that GTA V is finally getting closer to an actual release, check out this awesome parody site for the Church of Scientology, which is probably the most left-field viral marketing campaign I've ever seen. Read More >>

Scientologists Are Launching Their Own TV Station

According to The Telegraph, the Church of Scientology is planning to launch a religious broadcasting center to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the internet, all based in a studio complex purchased last year. Read More >>

Educative Apps' Advertising Introduce Kids to Scientology, Guns, Casinos and Sex

If you have kids, better watch out for free educative apps with ads in them. Apparently, they can be a backdoor for R-rated messages about hot dating, guns and, even worse, scientology. Check out the image for a small sample. Read More >>


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