Swappable Blades Let These Snips Cut Through Almost Anything

When you're working near your toolbox, keeping an assortment of snips within easy reach for various tasks is a great way to stay productive. But when you're working somewhere your toolbox can't go, like at the top of a ladder, Crescent's new Switchblade snips are a better option letting you carry a single handle with swappable cutting heads for multiple tasks. Read More >>

These Scissors Have a Grooved Handle That Makes Them Safer to Use as a Knife

At one point or another, who of us hasn't risked losing a finger by opening a pair of scissors and using them as a quick, impromptu knife? It turns out they're a pretty good way to open taped boxes without horribly slicing what's inside, so Quirky took the idea and created a pair of scissors called the Sheath that's actually safe to use as an improvised knife. Read More >>

These Badass Multifunction Scissors Could Save Your Life One Day

Instead of incorporating a useless pair of tiny scissors into a multi-tool, Leatherman has used a pair of industrial-looking snips as the base for its new Raptor tool. Read More >>

Where Were You Hundreds Of Birthdays and Christmases Ago, Tape Scissors?

It's obvious why these brilliant scissors with a built-in tape dispenser aren't available in every office supply store in the country. They want you to have to buy both products separately—increasing the store's profits while you sit at home fumbling your way through another botched attempt at wrapping gifts. Read More >>


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