Beautiful Custom Motorbike is Actually a 360-Degree Security Camera

This gorgeous custom motorbike began its life as an utterly mundane Honda P25, a fuel-efficient 1960s scooter. But motorcycle artisan Chicara Nagata turned it into a sweeping sculpture with a social-commentary twist: the tiny bike carries four infrared security cameras in its frame, built at the behest of a Japanese security company. Read More >>

This Diesel-Powered Scooter Packs More Utility Than a Swiss Army Knife

If I started telling you about a new all-wheel-drive, turbodiesel-powered off-roader, you'd probably think I was talking about a new Land Rover or something, right? Wrong. Check out the RNT, a concept from Indian motorcycle company Hero that could be the only back-country survival tool a motorcycle adventurer would ever need. Read More >>

Can't Choose Between Biking or Roller Blading? Now You Don't Have To

Since the Segway the floodgates opened for countless personal mobility devices, with designs that range from conservative to downright crazy. And the Aeyo—a cross between a scooter, a bicycle, and a pair of inline skates—falls somewhere in the middle of that scale. Read More >>

A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

If the only thing stopping you from riding around town on a Segway is, well, looking like someone riding around town on a Segway, this enhanced version might make you a little less hesitant about being seen in public on one. And it's all thanks to a handful of Vespa scooters that had to sacrifice their lives for this creation. Read More >>

This Super-Cool Scooter Is Made From... Hemp?

This sweet little electric scooter hits 50kph in seven seconds, has a 80 km range and is made from... hemp? Read More >>

Turn Some Boring Stools Into a Pint-sized Scooter With This Brilliant Ikea Hack

Ikea's furniture isn't just cheap and easy to transport, it's easy to hack too, with sites like Ikea Hackers showcasing some of the best modifications. But none can top this hack by Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier that converts a couple of Ikea Frosta stools into a pedal-less bike—or draisienne if you really want to get technical. Read More >>

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What the Hell, Who Knew You Could Ride Scooters Like This?

Scooters, as a whole, aren't exactly the coolest thing a person can ride. Maybe you had some 'fun' with them when you were a fifth grader but if you brought your scooter to the skate park now? The insults hurled at you would re-arrange the English dictionary. Well, unless, you rode scooters like these guys. The tricks they pull are brain hemorrhaging amazing. Read More >>

Why Oh Why Does the Skootcase Only Exist For Kids?

The next time you're at the airport, racing to your gate could feel like a casual drive through the Italian countryside if you trade in your luggage for this wonderful Skootercase. Except that it's heartbreakingly only designed and sized for toddlers. Read More >>

Daily Desired: This Is an Electric Scooter?

Boxx is a bizarre little creation. Combining an electric scooter with a very modern design, Boxx looks like hard drive on wheels. But with the ability to travel 80 miles at speeds up to 35 MPH, this thing is no child's toy, either. Read More >>


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