Glasgow Will Demolish its Tallest Buildings Live on International TV

When the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow this July, the city wants to put its best foot forward. The city thus has plans to blow up the Red Road flats, an infamous and now largely abandoned housing project, as part of its opening ceremony. A growing backlash, however, asks whether dynamiting the Red Road flats should really be turned into a celebration. Read More >>

Kermit The Frog is Against Scottish Independence, or Perhaps Doesn't Understand It

A misunderstanding in an interview with a fictional character promoting a film for children has thrown up an unlikely candidate to lead the "No" vote on Scottish independence, with whoever has the job of answering questions on behalf of head muppet Kermit The Frog suggesting that Scotland should stay in the UK. Read More >>

You Can Buy a Nuclear Bunker With its Own Hospital and BBC Studio

Nuclear bunkers have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but that doesn't mean you can't transform one into a delightful bed and breakfast. This bunker in Perthshire, Scotland, is currently up for sale and even includes a fascinating history: it's situated on a former POW camp. Read More >>

Would You Welcome One of These Union Jack Redesigns if Scotland Votes for Independence?

As the debate around Scotland's possible vote for independence heats up, some have wondered what that will mean for the UK's striking Union Jack Flag. Should it retain the Scottish blue elements if the nation breaks away? And if it shouldn't, is it time a new flag was introduced? Read More >>

Scottish Scientists Awarded Grant to Build Alien-Detecting Laser Device

A group of Scottish scientists were recently awarded a £250,000 grant to build an infrared laser device to seek out new life (i.e. small, earth-like planets that orbit stars) and new civilisations (planets capable of containing life), and boldly explore where no man has gone before (basically distant solar systems). Read More >>

Commonwealth Games and World War I Join UK's Coin Collection

The Royal Mint has shown off the new range of coins that'll be jingling about in our pockets with the rest of them in 2014, with the star being a new two pound coin featuring WWI recruitment figurehead Lord Kitchener. Yes, another man on our money, but we understand there's still a woman on the back of them all. Read More >>

'Rewilding' the Earth: An Alternative to Conservation

'Rainforest' isn't usually the kind of word you'd associate with the ecosystems in the British Isles. But up until around six thousand years ago, when land began to be cleared by humans, temperate rainforest spanned much of what is now the United Kingdom. Read More >>

Scotland Horrified by "Druggie" GTA V Association

One of the nice ways to pass the time while loitering in the GTA universe is spotting local references put in the game by its Scottish developers, although by using the real-world border town of Hawick to name a drug-laden district in the fictional game city, Rockstar has angered local councillors and the area's MSP. Read More >>

Glasgow Gets Dolby Atmos-Enabled

Good news today for our Scottish friends. The future of cinema sound has finally made its way up to you, as the new Vue Glasgow Fort has had Dolby Atmos installed, joining London's Empire Leicester Square as the first Atmos screens in the country. Trust us, it's worth getting ears on if you can. Read More >>

Three's Phone Network is Borked In Scotland and the North

Unlucky Scots and northerners seem to have been without phone service on Three for at least 24 hours, with all reports seemingly indicating users are still having issues this morning. The weird thing is it's not data this time, it's the ability to actually, you know, make a call that's all screwed up. I'm not quite sure how you'd even notice. Read More >>

google maps
Scottish Island Wiped Off Google Maps

The 200 or so permanent inhabitants of the Scottish island of Jura are currently feeling rather lost and confused, after discovering a recent update to Google's mapping images removed all trace of the island from view. Read More >>

Glaswegian Space Firm Ready for Big Time with Nano Satellite Launch

The small-scale privateer space race is about to kick off in Glasgow, with local firm Clyde Space preparing to whack its first UKube-1 nanosatellite project into orbit later this year. Read More >>

Engineering 3D-Printed Stem Cells

While much has been said on the topic of 3D printing within the context of the maker movement, it is in the medical world where arguably the most important advances are being made. Scientists at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland have recently proven they can print human embryonic stem cells, a breakthrough which has the potential to revolutionise organ replacement in the coming years. Read More >>

Glasgow is Going to Be the UK's Smartest City (Updated)

Normally, when someone says 'Glasgow', you don't instantly think "smart city at the cutting edge of connected services and consumer technology". (I'll leave what really pops into people's minds to the imagination.) The government, however, wants a super-smart Glasgow to be a reality, so they're pumping in £24m to make it happen. Read More >>

Scottish Brewery Creates World's Strongest Beer (That Causes One Massive Hangover)

So, they say the world is going to end this year, and it looks like a Scottish brewery has got just the right stuff to celebrate the catastrophic event, with a rather potent 65 per cent beer aptly named Armageddon, which just so happens to (apparently) be the world's strongest. Read More >>

Scots Slap Young Drivers With Anti-Speeding Box

There are already lots of limits on speeding -- fixed cameras, police patrols, average speed cameras -- but for the ever-dangerous youth in Scotland, the police want more. Much more. Read More >>


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