Apple's Father of the iPod Says Scott Forstall "Got What He Deserved"

Scott Forstall, the iOS boss who was forced out of the company after the switch to Apple Maps caused the world to point and laugh at Apple, got what he deserved. That's according to Tony Fadell, the man given most credit for creating Apple's legendary iPod. Read More >>

How Apple Told Siri its Daddy Forstall Was Leaving the Company

Poor old Siri has lost its daddy, with Apple's iOS boss Scott Forstall recently leaving the company under slightly dodgy circumstances. Here's how Siri learned of the news of the departure of its creator. And if you're reading this, Siri, we've never really liked you very much either. [AllThingsD] Read More >>

Scott Forstall Was Forced Out of Apple Because He Refused to Apologise for Apple Maps

According to the WSJ, Scott Forstall was asked to leave Apple after he "refused to sign his name to a letter apologising for shortcomings" in Apple Maps. Forstall had wanted to address the situation of Apple Maps without apologising to the public, like Apple has done in the past. Tim Cook, however, felt an apology was needed and now Forstall is out at Apple. Read More >>

Apple iOS Chief Leaves, Jon Ive Takes Control

At an as-yet-unknown date sometime in 2013, Apple's Senior Vice President, iOS Software Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple. Forstall's role is being reduced immediately, and Jony Ive will be taking over leadership and direction for Human Interface. The other aspects of Forstall's position will be doled out to various other members of Apple's existing executive team. Read More >>

Apple's Hideous Leather Software Is Based on Steve Jobs' Private Jet

We hate the way a lot of Apple design looks, these days: virtual leather, felt, wood, and glass. It's like a sleazy game room in your Cool Uncle's basement. Who is making these eye-screwing decisions? Fast Company says it was Jobs. Read More >>


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