This Electronic Score Tracker Will Save Competitive Families From Scrabble Squabbles

Realising the toll that Scrabble has taken on families when it comes to accurately keeping track of the score, Hasbro is introducing an updated version of the game that, among other improvements, now includes an electronic score tracker. So no longer will your parent's questionable arithmetic affect the outcome of a game. Read More >>

The World's Most Advanced Scrabble Set: LEDs, RFID and £19,000

This is the world's most advanced Scrabble set. Packed with LEDs, RFID sensors and fancy software, it's the cutting-edge in boardgames — and it's worth a cool £19,000. Read More >>

Scrabble Cheater Cheats at National Championships

Cheating in the living room is one thing, but getting kicked out of a national championship for cheating is something else completely and definitely has to be a pretty low point in life, as one top US Scrabble player found after he was caught hiding blank letter tiles. Read More >>

3D Scrabble Toy Is Not For Weak-Minded Wordsmiths

It's not the first attempt to put a new spin on Scrabble by adding another dimension, but while playing this 3DX Word Game you're not tied down by some overbearing board telling you where you can and can't place your tiles. Read More >>

Remember This Beautiful Scrabble Concept? Hasbro's Decided To Make It a Reality

Last year Andrew Capener designed a stunning Scrabble set with a minimalist wooden board and a lovely use of fonts on the tiles which had even Gizmodo alum Rosa wishing it was a reality. Well come August, it will be. Read More >>

A Scrabble Magnet Set Is Your Excuse to Spend More Time in the Kitchen

What makes anything better? Food. Wait. That wasn't the answer I was looking for. Oh! Magnets! So if you turn Scrabble magnetic and slap the tiles onto your fridge, you can make excuses that you're learning up some vocabulary as you gorge on the magical leftovers inside your refrigerator. Win, win. Read More >>

I Hope This Giant Wall of Scrabble Contains Centuple Word Scores

If you suck at Scrabble as much as I do, the prospect of putting your epic three-letter creations on display with this massive 49-square foot board isn't that appealing. Nor is paying £7,695 just to embarrass yourself. Read More >>

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W.E.L.D.E.R. for iPhone and iPad: Scrabble and Boggle get Steampunk'd

The other week we were playing Scrabble in the pub. We got our arses totally kicked to seven shades of Sunday. We tried to save face and moaned that the board had been sabotaged because of the suspiciously large number of "x"s in the bag, but the honest truth of the matter was this: we were crap. Read More >>

New Scrabble Allows "TXT" Speak

LOL. The updated version of Scrabble Trickster includes a whole new set of rules, ideal for people who can't spell and shouldn't be playing it anyway. Read More >>


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