Tempted by the Crazy Twin-Screened YotaPhone at £419?

The maker of the dual-display YotaPhone has managed to resist charging twice the price of other mobiles for its innovative phone, setting the UK RRP of the twin-screened smartphone at £419. If you're bored of the endless Samsungs, it does at least offer something quite different to prod. Read More >>

Next-Gen YotaPhone Includes Full-Touch Always-on Rear Epaper Screen

YotaPhone is already preparing the next version of its charmingly bonkers dual-screen Android device, with the updated hardware now featuring full touch control of many phone features via its always-on secondary epaper back display. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
The First Supersonic Private Jet Has Huge Screens Instead of Windows

Windows are kind of a drag for airplanes—literally. They add extra weight, weaken the body, and generally slow down the aircraft; that's why the new Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet won't have any. Instead, passengers get to enjoy their sky-high surroundings on real-time, panoramic video screens. Read More >>

How Much of Your Phone is Actually Screen?

Sure, you think about how big a phone's screen is all the time, but how much of a phone is actually screen? This handy visualisation from Post PC shows exactly how your handset stacks up against the rest of the world in screen-to-bezel ratio. The results might surprise you. Read More >>

Forget 4K: The Future of TV is "Wide Field of View" According to Netflix

As 3D TVs continue on their slow march to the bargain bin, all AV enthusiasts' eyes turn to the promise of ultra-high definition 4K screens. But for movie streaming dominators Netflix, 4K may already be yesterday's news. Read More >>

From Tablets to TVs: What's Next For Display Tech in 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays. Read More >>

Apple Patents Sapphire Growing, Harvesting and Cutting Methods for Ultra-Tough Displays

Apple's been queuing up at the patent office again, this time filing a list of various methods of creating and cutting pure lumps of sapphire, for use as extra-strong screens in the new technology of the middle-distant future. Read More >>

Apple Patents Solar Sandwich Charger Layer for MacBooks

Apple's been dreaming about the future again, forseeing a world in which the sun still shines through the industrial smog and is strong enough to power and charge a MacBook or iPad battery via a layer of photovoltaic cells. Read More >>

Patent Filings Suggest Future iPhone May Have Wraparound Display

Jony Ive might be about to debut something properly new when next year's iPhone model arrives, with patents suggesting Apple's looking to Samsung and LG for inspiration in creating an iPhone with a wraparound display. Read More >>

Apple Patents Full-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Tech

Not content with making its little button read fingerprints, Apple sees a future where the entire display of a device can sense individual fingers. It's filed for a patent that can identify all ten of your fingers, letting users assign an app shortcut to each digit. The middle finger could be reserved for calling work, for example. [WIPO via Unwired View] Read More >>

LG May Have an Even Bendier G Flex on the Way

LG's G Flex, the bendy phone everyone thought was stupid until they saw it in action, might be the first in a long line of flexible phones from the hardware maker -- with a much more flexible model said to be in the pipeline. Read More >>

Samsung Planning Wraparound Smartphone Display With Active Sides

Samsung's next Galaxy S phone, or perhaps that alternative line we heard about recently, may come with a curved display that bends down the sides of the handset, letting the edges be used as convenient extra notification areas. Read More >>

The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favourite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. Read More >>

Rumour/Guesswork/Fantasy Hints at 5-Inch iPhone 6 for Next Year

A Japanese magazine has made the not-particularly-bold claim that Apple will release an iPhone 6 in September of 2014, as you might expect. However, it reckons Apple might be preparing another size bump for its next model, which could see iPhone enter 5-inch "phablet" territory. Read More >>

Generation Nexus Can Use Tablets Before They Can Speak

More stats covering the astonishing rise in the use of tablets among kids suggests our toddlers are happily gaming and taking photos of their stressed dads before they can properly speak. Which is fine, as no one talks to each other these days anyway. Read More >>


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