Dyson Imagines Massive Floating Rubbish Vacuum to Suck up Man's Plastic Crap

James Dyson's sketched out the idea of a new form of sucking machine, one so large it requires a barge to house it. The idea being to set it free and let it "mine" rivers of all the floating plastic junk that's been chucked into them since man first invented plastics. Read More >>

Privacy of Fish Living in 7,200m Pacific Trench Violated by Scientists

A group of scientists have sent their probing vehicles to the bottom of the New Hebrides Trench, a literal hole in the Pacific some 7,200m deep. Their findings suggest each deep ocean trench may have a different ecological make-up, and there's no stock set of deep-living creatures that inhabit every deep sea hole. Read More >>

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Man Risks Death and Legs in Budgie Cage Shark Swim Stunt

A pair of Aussie brothers were filming joke video clips to whack on the internet, with their latest idea being one where a bloke replaced a shark cage with a budgie cage and jumped into the sea. Problem was, there was a big shark there. And it went for him. Read More >>

The Thames is Pumping London's Plastic Pollution out into the North Sea

While the surface of the Thames may look relatively clean these days, underneath the boat trippers lies a mass of discarded plastic, which is flooding out into the Thames Estuary and along into the North Sea. Read More >>

Bargain Farmhouse Yours for £25,000, With Just One Small Problem...

...it might fall in the sea next time there's an unusually high tide. The house, outside Suffolk village Easton Bavents, was 1.6km from the sea when it was built in the 1600s, but coastal erosion means it's now just eight feet from tumbling off the cliff edge. Read More >>

An Unknown Disease Is Turning Starfish Into Goop

Starfish may be flexible, but they're also tough. Yet a mysterious "wasting syndrome" is making starfish from Southern California to Alaska decay while still alive. Populations are being decimated up and down the west coast of America. Read More >>

The Syrian Electronic Army Says It's Hacked Obama's Twitter Account

In just latest of many head-turning exploits, the Syrian Electronic Army now says it's broken into Barack Obama's Twitter account and website. Indeed, the hacker organisation showed images of the website's backend and Obama campaign email accounts. Read More >>

Britney Spears Audio Weapon Neutralises Threat of Somali Pirates

Shipping tankers floating about in the piracy-rife waters around Somalia are using an audio weapon to scare off attackers, with the music of former teen pop sensation Britney Spears said to be the most effective in deterring potential raiders. Read More >>

Whales Don’t Spray Water Out of Their Blowholes

Contrary to what you may have seen in such movies as Pixar’s otherwise extremely entertaining Finding Nemo, whales don’t spray water out of their blowholes. Further, the whale’s trachea doesn’t connect to the oesophagus of the whale; so when Dory and Marlin went down the whale’s throat, in real life, they’d have simply been eaten. Read More >>

Watch Engineers Right the Costa Concordia, Live

The BBC's currently carrying a live stream of the efforts to salvage stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia from its sideways watery slumber, as engineers slowly pull the boat off the rocks where it's been rusting away since early last year. Read More >>

BAE Prepares to Build Type 26 Combat Ship, First Wave of Suppliers Onboard

This dramatic embedded video is the latest design imagery for the Royal Navy's cutting-edge new Type 26 Global Combat Ship, the next-generation war-boat that's set to come into service early in the next decade. The critical Dover-Calais passenger sea ferry route will be safer than ever. Read More >>

Syrian Electronic Army Claims to Have Taken Over Twitter's Domain

The Syrian Electronic Army claims it's taken over Twitter's domain registration. Indeed, several public Whois listings show sea@sea.sy as the contact information for Twitter.com. Many Twitter users say they're experiencing problems with the service. We've reached out to Twitter, and the company responded that they're "looking into it." Read More >>

A Bunch of Syrians Have Hijacked @BBCWeather and are Tweeting About Camels

So while the rest of us were merrily tucking into our Subways (mmm, toasted turkey), a group called the "Syrian Electronic Army" has wrested control of the BBC Weather Twitter account from those fine folks at the Beeb and are merrily spamming a bizarre mixture of political commentary and camel jokes. Read More >>

New British Warship Radar Can Detect a Tennis Ball 15 Miles Away

And not just a tennis ball from 15 miles away, but a tennis ball 15 miles away and moving at three times the speed of sound. That's the sort of sensitivity the poor old radar operators on HMS Iron Duke will have to work with when it returns to service next year. Read More >>

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Did You Know that These Strange Fields of Ice Flowers Exist At Sea?

This beautiful alien landscape is right here on Earth: a never-ending sea of ice flowers quietly floating over a thinly frozen sea. These strange ice structures are very rich in salt and bacteria—and very hard to pick, according to oceanography doctoral candidate Jeff Bowman. Read More >>

Human Hamster Plans to Walk Over the Sea to Ireland

A nice man is going to have a very hard and miserable couple of days thanks to this contraption, which he shall be using to walk across the Irish Sea. Read More >>


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