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Seagulls Love Stealing GoPro Cameras and Flying Away

The conspiracy of GoPro and its under-the-table payment of seagulls to create awesome viral video continues. Yes, this is a "thing". Maybe. Probably not. Anyway, check out this video of how a GoPro, which was taking a sunset of San Francisco, was ruthlessly stolen by a seagull who went on a quick flying tour of the Bay Area (complete with Golden Gate Bridge). Read More >>

Stay Out of the Water -- There's a Seagull-Eating Octopus On the Loose

Blimey, I knew the sea was full of deadly things we just can't see, but I never thought an octopus would attack anything on the surface of the water, let alone a pecking bird. The unsuspecting seagull was ambushed from below, then dragged down into the deep to drown. The whole thing took just under a minute before the bird was octopus-food. Read More >>


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