What Searches Look Like With the Top Million Sites Removed

At this point it's ludicrous to think of using any other search engine than Google. But while it's very effective, you'll find your search results coming from many of the web's top sites again and again. What if you wanted to find something a little more eclectic? Well, a new search engine called Million Short offers just that by letting you ignore the top million websites on the internet. Read More >>

Google's 15th Anniversary Easter Egg Lets You Search Like It's 1998

Here's a fun Thursday afternoon activity: Go to Google and search "Google in 1998." You'll be surprised by what the search engine returns. Or at least by the way the page looks. Read More >>

Meet the Man Who Invented Google Autocomplete

It's been almost a decade since Google started reading our minds. Now, it's become so second nature that we hardly even think about it. There was a time before autocomplete existed though; someone had to invent it. AllThingsD sat down with the mastermind to chat about its fascinating genesis. Read More >>

What Search Engines Really Think of Each Other

The search engine wars are many things: one-sided, enduring, non-violent. But like all good immutable conflicts, they can also be catty. Read More >>

These Weird Search Queries Make Google Return Nothing but Porn

In a way, Google already is a porn machine; it is what you make of it. But it turns out that a handful of bizarre, technically impossible search queries turn the raunchiness up like 20 notches and cause the engine to return porn results almost exclusively. The searches themselves aren't dirty in the slightest, either. It's ridiculous. Read More >>

Are Facebook and Yahoo Teaming Up on Search?

Are Facebook and Yahoo getting ready to go in on a search venture together? According to a report from The Sunday Telegraph sourced by anonymous insiders, yes. Rumour has it that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have been chatting about working together to maybe get a search engine going. Read More >>

Bing's New Friend Tagging Feature Is So Cool You'll Wish It Wasn't On Bing

If Google's angle is that it actually works really well, Bing's is that it's a "social search engine." And the latter's new Friend Tagging feature lives up to that promise, tapping the social network you actually use to aide your search results. Read More >>

Wolfram Alpha Pro Arrives Tomorrow With the Power to Analyse Data and Graphics

Wolfram Alpha may or may not be one of my favourite things in tech right now. It'll spew movie times; compare football stats; help you cheat in Words With Friends and tell you exactly what aeroplane you're staring at in the sky. And now with tomorrow's arrival of Wolfram Alpha Pro, the company, in its founder's words, begins "step 2." Read More >>


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