How Different Countries See Each Other, According to Google

Google search suggestions are a mixed blessing — but sometimes they can prove hilarious. Like this series of locality based suggestions, which show what different countries really think of each other. Read More >>

Bing! That's Illegal and You're Sick and Probably Going to Prison

Microsoft's Bing search engine is (a) still going and (b) about to launch its own crackdown on sick underage porn images, by kindly warning those searching for certain terms that what they're doing is wrong. Read More >>

Google, You Might Want to Tweak the Algorithm For This (Update: It Gets Worse)

Google's "did you mean" auto-suggestions are normally pretty good, especially if you typoed in your search query. But hell, this is bad. I mean, what the actual hell, Google? Fix this right now, and hope people don't spot it. Oh, wait. Read More >>

What Search Engines Really Think of Each Other

The search engine wars are many things: one-sided, enduring, non-violent. But like all good immutable conflicts, they can also be catty. Read More >>

Google Barely Shows Real Search Results on Now

Google it. Everyone who has ever connected to the Internet knows what that means. But should it really mean use Google to search for/find something on the Internet? Or should it be a term for being bombarded with ads and white space when you're looking for something.'s search results have all just become links to Google's own services. Read More >>

The Hilarious Difference Between Google and Bing in One Picture

You use Google. Or maybe, just maybe you use Bing. Sometimes one is better. Sometimes the other is prettier. Sometimes it's the other way around. Whatever. The most hilarious, ridiculous difference between the two though? How they auto-complete the Xbox One. Google Instant finds words like terrible, ugly, a joke and so forth. Bing? Just one. Amazing. Read More >>

Google Search Will Tell You How Many Calories Are in That Burger Now

This is great if you're watching your waistline and even if you're not—Google has added very specific nutritional information to search. Whether you want to know how many carbs are in an apple or how much sodium is in a bowl of miso soup, it will give you an exact answer. Read More >>

Gmail's Getting a Neat Freak Overhaul for Web and Mobile

Google announced last night that a new interface for Gmail, based around customisable tabs, is coming. The goal? To help manage your goliath of an inbox. It looks pretty incredible. Read More >>

How to Control Your Android Without Looking at It

It's getting dangerous (and illegal) just to walk and text at the same time, much less do so behind the wheel of a car. But with Siri being just slightly less helpful than HAL, how are you supposed to surf the web and simultaneously travel safely? All you have to do is ask. Read More >>

Google's New Trend Visualiser Is a Truly Beautiful Thing

Google's been logging data about hot trends ever since you started tip-tapping search terms into its front page, but now it's gone and made it look damn pretty with it. Read More >>

The First Piece of Google Chrome's Conversational Future Is in Place

Like Google demoed at I/O, the search engine can now basically keep track of pronouns. So if you search. "Who is Daniel Craig?" and then ask "How tall is he?" it'll still know who you're talking about with help from the Knowledge Graph. All you have to do is have Chrome up to date. If you've opted in to Google's Search Trial, there are other goodies awaiting to. For instance, you can just ask Google "What's going on today" and get a list of calendar events. Read More >>

Here's Everything Google Unveiled Last Night at I/O

Although this year's Google I/O is all about developers and tools, Google unveiled a lot for the users too. No sign of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, just a 4.3 Jelly Bean update, but everything from search, chat, gaming, Maps, Music, and Google+ got a feature-filled refresh. We even got a bloat-free Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition" to call our own. Here's everything Google fired out into the ether last night. Read More >>

Did Google Just Try to Totally Change How Search Works?

Google might have just added a huge feature to Search. It's trying to make it conversational, like a Google Now for the desktop. Read More >>

The Secret NSA Search Tips That Will Make You a Spy

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock, America's National Security Agency has been forced to make public a book it produced called Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research. Understandably, it's full of gems. Read More >>

Google Now for iPhone and iPad Is Great: This is Why You Should Get It

Google Now, for those not familiar, is a very slick app that debuted in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) last June. Its main selling point is that it gives you the information you want before you even ask for it. It's not perfect, but it's come a long way since launch, and it's pretty excellent. It can tell you when you need to leave for your next appointment, and give you directions for getting there. It can automatically track everything from your FedEx packages to your favourite sports teams in real time. The information shows up on little cards (and in notifications, if you so desire), which are easy to read and simple to dismiss. You decide how much or how little of your personal information you give it access to, but of course the more access you give it, the more it can do. Read More >>

Fancy New Porn Discovery Engine Attempts to Modernise an Age Old Tradition

Canadian startup PaintBottle (100-per-cent-certified NSFW), is looking to bring a bit of modern programming and UI design to the online porn world, because, why not? Differentiating itself by providing a slick-looking interface and increased, err, usability, PaintBottle is notably devoid of grating flashing banner ads, and shoves high-quality, properly licensed content front and centre for your enjoyment. Read More >>


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