GCHQ Harvested IP Addresses of Wikileaks Visitors in Real-Time

Our GCHQ security service has been caught boasting about its spying expertise again, with files revealing that in 2012 it had the ability to monitor access to Wikileaks in real-time and pull in potentially identifying IP address data from visitors -- and the search terms used to find the site. Read More >>

Can Apple Surprise Us Anymore?

That iPhone 5 up there isn't an iPhone 5. It's a flawless computer image we had months before we ever saw the real thing, made possible by the fact that we knew exactly what it was going to look like. Exactly. Everyone did. Read More >>

iphone apps of the week
Black SMS, BiteHunter, Shazam, and More

Secret texts, DIY synths, and music tagging win for the best iPhone apps this week. And though you might not be studying for tests anymore, a new app will give you the abridged versions of classic novels. Read More >>

Apple Makes New Employees Work on Fake Products Until Apple Can Trust Them

In Adam Lashinsky's book Inside Apple, he examines how brutally insane and awful it is to work at Apple. Turns out having plainclothes spies and murky job descriptions isn't enough because Apple sometimes makes its new employees work on fake products until they prove themselves trustworthy. Read More >>

Working at Apple Is Brutally Insane and Awful

You might have a stressful job—everyone's is, sometimes. But does your job involve an office with windows that inexplicably frost, plainclothes agents that spy on you at bars, and instant firing? Welcome to Apple, says Fortune's Adam Lashinsky. Read More >>


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