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Sending Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone Just Got Easier

One thing your iPhone could be better at: sending secret encrypted messages (aka for sexting and/or illicit relationships). The regular messages app leaves everything hanging out in the open! Text Fortress is an app that encrypts the messages you send and locks them down so only the person you sent it to, can see it. Read More >>

Have a Look Inside a Super-Secure Google Data Centre and See Where the Internet Basically Lives

Google protects its data centres pretty fiercely, which you should be thankful for considering how much information it stores on your comings and goings across the internet. Now, thanks to this video and Street View, you can take a quick tour around one, and see what powers Google, which basically is the internet for a lot of us. Read More >>

Secret Drawer Bookshelf Hides Your Most Embarrassing Collectibles

This brilliant shelf is perfect for anyone who loves to show off the tchotchkes they've amassed, but also keep the more embarrassing items out of sight. On top you can proudly display your collection of antique tea cups, while the secret drawer will easily hide all of your Pokemon trading cards. Read More >>

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Secret Underground Bunker Is Full of World War Weapons and Military Vehicles

The world is full of hidden, forgotten treasures. Like this gigantic bunker hidden in a forest, buried in a secret location. It's full of weapons from the first World War, as well as modern military vehicles. And mushrooms. Read More >>

iphone apps
How to Send Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone

Sexting on your iPhone or plotting out an illicit relationship via SMS is pretty convenient except for one thing: if someone sees your phone, you're screwed, embarrassed and exposed. Black SMS is an app that'll encrypt your messages so you never have to worry about getting caught. Read More >>

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The Vault Door That Has Been Guarding Coca-Cola's Secret Formula Since 1925

Take a look at the new steel door that is now protecting one of the world's closest guarded secrets, perhaps only second to Elvis Presley's current secret identity and location. It's the Coca-Cola vault, the new centrepiece of the World of Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. Read More >>

The Secret Names of Apple iOS

These are the secret code names of iOS, the operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Read More >>


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