Creator of Shenmue Researching Kickstarter Options for Shenmue III

Yu Suzuki, architect of many Sega classics and creator of the Shenmue trilogy that was abandoned after only two chapters, is "researching" the idea of crowd-funding a Shenmue III. At a GDC presentation he said he'd like to make it if "the right opportunity" came along, expanding on this to tell Eurogamer he's looking at ways to get the lost Dreamcast generation to pay for its creation. [Eurogamer] Read More >>

This Encyclopedic Site Contains 41 Years of Video Game Console Design

Commercially successful video game consoles—your Game Boys and your PlayStations—are iconic pieces of product design. But they're only part of the story. There are dozens of other machines that either didn't catch on or failed miserably. Evan Amos has devoted himself to cataloging them all. Read More >>

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First-Person Sonic the Hedgehog Is Bound to Make You Feel Sick

Why Sega hasn't put out a first-person Sonic yet, I don't know. It'd be like a faster, better Mirror's Edge. Maybe it's because it'd be pretty much guaranteed to make you hurl if you played it at full speed. Still, I wish it was real, because it'd look just like this. Read More >>

One of Only Two Sega Pluto Prototype Consoles in Existence For Sale

This is easily the most exciting piece of gaming hardware to come to light in many years. A super-rare Sega Pluto prototype of which only two were ever made. It's a bit battered, but you can buy it. You may need to sell your house, car, sofa, phone, microwave and bottom by the hour first to raise enough money, but it could be yours. Read More >>

Sega Forced to Add "Sorry We Lied a Bit" Disclaimer to Aliens Adverts

Game publisher Sega has already come in for heaps of criticism over its Colonial Marines title, with the finished Aliens shooter bearing only a passing resemblance to earlier adverts and preview code. And the Advertising Standards people have upheld a player's complaint about the apparent bait and switch. Read More >>

A Whole Bunch of Awesome Sega Games Is Your Retro-Gaming-Bonanza Deal of the Day

These newfangled games consoles that are coming out this year are all well and good but do we REALLY need them in this era of grotesque economic meltdown? Read More >>

Sega Had the World's First "Hologram" Video Game Way Back In 1991

With all this talk of “holograms” and 3D movies, plus several companies like Nintendo and LG trying to shove portable 3D gaming down our throats, it’s easy to forget that it was all tried once before. Way back in 1991, Sega unveiled the world’s first “holographic” game called Time Traveller, and it was doomed from the start. Read More >>

Now You Too Can Spice-Up Your Bathroom With Sega's Toylet Pissing Game

Fancy shoving a bit of gamification into your bathroom breaks? Sega’s crazy urinal-based console, the Toylet, is finally available to Joe Bloggs on the street, meaning you can now fit one of these pee-powered puppies into your bachelor pad. Read More >>

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Sega Shows Us How You're Meant to Play Super Monkey Ball Bouncing Around in a Bikini

I haven’t been to Japan myself, but by the looks of it they have a lot more fun playing games like Super Monkey Ball out there. Or at least Sega reckons you should, and apparently you're meant to be balancing on a ball while wearing a bikini while you play too. Looking at some of people I see playing with PS Vitas on the tube I truly shudder at the thought. Read More >>

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Will Let You Seamlessly Switch Playing Between Your Windows Phone and Your Xbox

Microsoft showed-off the ability to use Xbox Live to take your gaming from Windows Phone back onto your Xbox way back in 2010, but we’ve yet to actually see a game come out that supports it. It looks we might finally see it though with the incoming Sonic 4: Episode 2, according to Sega. Read More >>

The Complete Battlestar Galactica Box Set Is Your "I Love You But I Wish You Were More Like Starbuck" Deal of the Day

In case you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. The day when lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes come together and express their undying devotion to each other with the exchanging of gifts and maybe a kiss. Read More >>

Sega's Back In the Console Business, But It's Not What You Think

Having ditched making hardware after the amazing but ill-fated Dreamcast, it looks like Sega’s dipping its toe, or something else, back into console game – but this time you’ll only find them in men’s bathrooms. Read More >>

The Amazon Kindle Is Your Reader's Best Friend Deal of the Day

If you haven’t taken every single book you’ve ever bought or been given, marched out into the garden with them and set them alight, then you’re just not the modernista that you think you are. Read More >>

Retrode 2 Hooks Up Old-Skool Controllers and Cartridges To Your Computer

We love a bit of retro gaming here at Gizmodo, but there's one common flaw: playing old console games without the original controller just doesn't feel quite right. Retrode 2 can help with that. Read More >>

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Sonic CD for iPhone and iPad: The Lost Levels, But With a Blue Hedgehog Instead of an Italian Plumber

Even by App Store standards, it's been a fantastic week for classic game revivals. Already we've had Chrono Trigger, Grand Theft Auto III, and now the icing on the cake: Sonic CD. Sega's legendary blue hedgehog roars onto the iPhone and iPad in perhaps his greatest platform adventure ever. Read More >>

Skyrim Is Your Life-Ending Deal of the Day

Hot contender for Game Of The Year has to be Skyrim -- it’s the game that the phrase ‘time vampire’ was surely made for. Players find that entire days have been lost to it and that their P45s are waiting for them at work, if they ever manage to get back into the real world that is. Read More >>


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