Riding the RYNO: When Two Wheels is Too Many

This sci-fi electric unicycle is the RYNO, a future-badass alternative to the Segway that looks like it got beamed down from the year 2114. But it's here, and it's real, and I got to ride it. Read More >>

A Vespa Had to Die For the Segway to Look Cool

If the only thing stopping you from riding around town on a Segway is, well, looking like someone riding around town on a Segway, this enhanced version might make you a little less hesitant about being seen in public on one. And it's all thanks to a handful of Vespa scooters that had to sacrifice their lives for this creation. Read More >>

A Lego Segway Is as Ridiculously Wonderful as You'd Expect

Lego whisperer Simon Burfield has a knack for taking the plastic building toy well past the limits of what it was intended for. His specialty is building rideable creations including a full-sized wheelchair, and now a rather brilliant Segway clone. Read More >>

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The Definitive Compilation of Segway Fails

Helmet? Check. Segway? Got it. Total dweeb status? Done and done. Under normal circumstances, it's hard to look at someone riding the personal transportation system without cracking up. But try watching a series of people falling off of Segways, and it's utterly impossible to keep a straight face. Read More >>

Four-Wheeled Personal Rover: A Segway For Cheapskates

I still think the Segway has a lot of potential, but not until it reaches a reasonable price point. So in the interim, this Personal Rover could fill the gap, providing similar functionality at a fraction of the cost. Read More >>

Man on Man Gold-Rimmed Segway CES Monster Love

How would you roll if you were a big baller CEO of one of the world's largest electronics companies? If you're Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee, on a tricked out gold-rimmed Segway of course. Oh, and look, a Segway-strapped admirer! Read More >>

Rare Moment of Excitement for Cricket Spectators, as Cameraman Falls off Segway

Australian Channel 9 cameraman Joe Previtera was recording a dramatic sweep of the pitch at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, when he did the impossible -- fell off his Segway. Read More >>

Honda's Self-Balancing Unicycle: A Segway For Sitters

Comfort and safety are the top features when it comes to buying a new car, so in an attempt to make its U3-X personal mobility device more consumer-friendly, Honda has improved both those aspects in its new Uni-Cub concept. Read More >>

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The USMC's Next Generation of Target Dummies Ride Segways

For years, military live fire excessive have relied on either stationary or pop-out targets but they don't really simulate enemy movements—they just sit there, waiting to be shot. These targets, newly developed for the USMC don't; they move, behave, and react just like real combatants. Read More >>

Ball Tossing iFling Robot is the Future of Grenade Warfare

Finding yet another more useful application for the Segway's balancing technology, the iFling robot is able to pick up ping pong balls and fling them at targets, all while effortlessly balancing on two wheels. Read More >>

Murata's Self Balancing Powered Walker is Perfect For the Elderly and Super Lazy

Like a Segway you can't ride, Murata's new power assisted, self balancing walker provides a stable support for senior citizens, allowing them to stay mobile while not tiring as quickly. Read More >>


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