Elon Musk's Next Sci-Fi Trick is an "Auto Pilot" Self-Driving Tesla Car

Rocket and tube enthusiast Elon Musk says his Tesla electric car company has joined the race to build a self-driving vehicle, revealing plans for a Tesla that's able to operate itself mostly on "auto pilot" while you sit there being bored, within the next three years. Read More >>

Forget Google, Volvo's Spitting Out Under-the-Radar Automated Cars That You Can Actually Buy

When you think of automated, self-driving cars you probably think of Google. But it's not the search giant that's forging ahead with self-driving cars, or at least the beginnings of them that you can actually buy. No, incredibly it's Volvo of all historically-less-than-exciting cars, and the motor company has some truly amazing tricks up its sleeve. Read More >>

Ford Is Using Robots to Put Cars Through Its Toughest Tests

As much fun as test driving pre-production cars may seem, cruising around a course meant to see how hard a car can take a beating usually means a few hits to the human inside, as well. Not to mention the fact that human drivers are notoriously high maintenance—always wanting things like "food" and "sleep" and "legal compensation." So in order to overcome both these obstacles, Ford is taking advantage of self-driving technology to put its cars through the ultimate durability tests. Read More >>

The British are Coming and the Car's Driving Itself

The self-driving car trend would appear to be owned by the global car giants and the infinitely deep pockets of Google, but there's a new UK upstart on the scene that automates boring, regular trips by learning the route of your tedious commute and taking control. And might be able to do it all for £100. Read More >>

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Watch an Awesome Audi A7 Actually Go and Park Itself In a Car Park

OK, so you've seen cars able to parallel park themselves with you working the pedals in the car, but have you seen one actually drive off into a car park, find a space, park itself, and then come and pick you up again when you're done, all by itself? This is awesome. Read More >>

Get Your Mitts on a Frickin' "Self-Driving" Car for Only £6,500

BYD has just released self driving car for a mere £6500. That's awfully cheap for a car that packs such state of the art technology (assuming it works of course). Called the BYD Su Rui, it is the successor of the BYD F3 we saw at April's Beijing Auto Show, and you can drive it remotely, James Bond-style. Beyond the most obvious selling point, it's not even a bad-specced car, with a 1.5L 109bhp engine, and mod cons such as GPS & In-car TV. Read More >>

Google's Self-Driving Cars Could be on Sale Within 10 Years

Reports coming out of the US claim Google's shopping its self-driving car concept around the major US car makers, hoping one or all of them may sign up to deliver cars that can drive themselves. Which would free us up to sit there clicking Google adverts on our phones. Read More >>

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BMW Is Making Cars That Drive Themselves

Everybody's working on self-driving cars! Google, Ford, Volvo and now even the ultimate driving machine, BMW, is trying their hand at hands free driving. BMW's self-autonomous system uses four types of sensors, radar, cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound distance sensors and can even change lanes to zoom past a slowpoke car. BMW. The ultimate lazy driving machine. Read More >>


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