This is the First Instagram From Space

We see wonderful images from space all the time, but now you can expect them to come dripping in Hudson, Sierra or Toaster—because Instagram has finally made it into space. Read More >>

Remember That Time John Terry Won an Oscar? The Inevitable Ellen Selfie Meme Onslaught Begins

When Ellen Degeneres posted the most retweeted tweet (let alone selfie) of all time last night, you could be sure that John Terry would want in on the action. Or at least, someone with rudimentary Photoshopping skills would make sure the glory-hunting Chelsea defender got in there with the Oscar elite somehow, anyhow. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #27: The Winner Is...

The last Shooting Challenge of 2013 was a celebration of the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, the much maligned "selfie". No longer the sole pursuit of Instagramming teenagers, 2013 saw the selfie reach new heights with everyone including world leaders getting in on the selfie act. Read More >>

This Year's Top Instagram Trends are Exactly What You'd Expect

Instagram and its many filters may be responsible for the wave of faux nostalgia, but now that the year's winding down, it's time for some actual nostalgia. Today, Instagram released their year-end review, and, well, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. But it's also a great excuse to post some gorgeous shots. Read More >>

shooting challenge
Shooting Challenge #12 - Self Portraits in a Streetscape

The good old selfie; outside of photos of food, they're the staple diet of every teenager/wannabe Instagram/Facebook photo feed around the globe. I've had a hankering to do a Shooting Challenge on this topic for some time, but wanted to do more than just the usual 'take a photo of yourself without pulling a duckface' or posing in front of the bathroom mirror. Read More >>


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