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How Stanford's Million-Core, Five Dimensional Super Computer Will Silence Jet Engines

The modern-day jet engine may be powerful enough to shuttle travellers across a continent in just six hours but it's also unbearably loud—for both the ground crews that work around them and residents within earshot of airports. And while aircraft engineers are developing quieter designs, building and testing these hushed prototypes can run into the six figures. But with the help of the US Livermore National Labs' supercomputer and some open-source modelling software, commercial airliners may soon be whisper quiet. Read More >>

One Million Computer Cores Used in Mundane Jet Noise Modelling Experiment

Researchers working in the rather niche field of turbulence dynamics have set a new multi-core computing record, using a custom app to harness one million simultaneous processor cores to model supersonic jet sounds. Read More >>


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