Big Bird Will Teach Your Kid To Read Using Qualcomm's Augmented Reality Tech

Were children just totally illiterate before Sesame Street? Because the creators of the children's show have great tools for teaching kids how to read—like an upcoming augmented reality app called Big Bird's Words. Read More >>

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Who Knew Sesame Street Was the Place to See Such Smut?

Mild and graphic violence? Nudity? RAPE? Looks like Sesame Street is suffering from a bit of urban blight. Read More >>

Bert and Ernie Now Available For Your TomTom: "Turn Right Onto Sesame Street"

Move over moustaches, it looks like November belongs to the Muppets this year. They've got a new movie coming out, there's an online movement to have them host the Oscars, and now TomTom has announced a series of Sesame Street voices, starting with Bert and Ernie. Read More >>

Sesame Street's YouTube Account Got Hacked with Porn Videos

Sesame Street's YouTube was hacked earlier today by people who replaced Muppet clips with graphic porn. It apparently took Google more than 20 minutes to react to the hack, which means porn was floating around on the iconic children's TV show channel for far longer than it should've. Read More >>

Sesame Street Wants To Make Math and Science Fun Again

Admit it, most of us learned the letter C from the Cookie Monster's iconic "C is for Cookie" song. But today's kids - they have it better. They're getting some Mythbusters along with their early morning fill of Big Bird. Read More >>


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