Oh Hey, Android TV Was All Over CES Three Months Ago

Google TV has been dead in the water for a while now, but rumour has it that a flashy new successor, Android TV, is on the way. These are rumours, but then there's also the fascinating truth that it was hiding in plain sight at CES three months ago. Read More >>

Amazon on Game Dev "Hiring Spree" Ahead of Games Console Launch

As well as purchasing home console developer Double Helix a few weeks ago, Amazon is said to be scouring the gaming companies of the US for additional development talent -- strongly suggesting its long-rumoured set-top box is indeed a content delivery trojan it'll be selling as an innocent games machine. Read More >>

Is Amazon's "Bigger Than Kindle" Device a Games Console?

Amazon's Kindle Fire line caused a stir when it launched, undercutting the tablet competition and carving Amazon a nice little corner of the then-uncharted waters in the process. It now seems Jeff Bezos's company is looking to do the same in the games console arena with its own Android gaming machine. Read More >>

Apple TV Just Got Support For iTunes and More

Apple TV didn't even warrant a mention at the iPhone event earlier this month, but as expected, the set-top box just got a software overhaul. Read More >>

Report: Intel's TV Service Won't Be Announced at CES, But More Details Emerge

Bad news for anyone who was excited for Intel to finally reveal its long-rumoured set top box and TV service plans at CES next week. According to Janko Roettgers over at Gigaom, knowledgeable sources claim that Intel won't be officially announcing its challenger to the Apple and Google TV at the show, but more tantalising details have emerged. Read More >>

Report: The TV Revolution Is Here, and It's Led By... Intel?

Google tried it and failed. Microsoft's spent years putting pieces in place with Xbox, but it hasn't gotten there yet. And if you believe the rumours, Apple's been working on it in secret for years. But the living room revolution we've been waiting for won't be coming from the big three, according to a report from TechCrunch. Read More >>

apple tv
Time Warner Paves the Way for Lamest Version of Apple TV's Future

If Apple TV is anything like the à la carte channels as apps dream we've hoped for, it could be amazing. But according to comments from Time Warner Cable president and COO Rob Marcus we might never be liberated from our cable providers. Read More >>

A Cheap Set-Top Box Is Today's Gateway-to-the-Dave-Channel Deal of the Day

Be warned people – the days of analogue TV are numbered and digital telly-watching is the only future that we can lookforward to. Also, they’re killing Ceefax, but we’ll have to just get over that. Read More >>


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