The Terribly Sad Case of the Woman Who Has Fifty Orgasms a Day

24-year-old Amanda Gryce is having an orgasm in this photo. She has them uncontrollably, up to fifty times a day. It sounds fun, right? Actually, it's really awful. Even more awful is the fact that she can't have sex with her boyfriend, per doctor's orders. Read More >>

"Orgasm Button" Inventor Fails to Achieve Investment

A man who claims that an experiment in 2001 led to the discovery of a "orgasm button" that could trigger sex-like levels of joy in women is still looking for investment, with the £3.5m or so needed to run a full clinical trial proving appropriately difficult to obtain. Read More >>

Sugar Cum Pills Turn Your 'Happy Time' Secretions Into Dessert

Some people love it, some people hate it, but when in the throes of passion one ventures south, the inevitable finale can quite literally leave a sour taste in the mouth. Unless you've invested in a pack of Sugar Cum pills, that is. Read More >>

Will These Genius Condom Ideas be the Next 'Big' Thing?

Bill Gates: computer genius, incredible philanthropist...condom afficionado? Indeed, the man who brought you MS-DOS is now looking to create a revolution in an entirely new industry -- and one in dire need of innovation. Read More >>

Airbnb: No Thanks for the "XXX Freak Fest" You Brought to My Home (NSFW)

Dear Brian and the Airbnb team, Usually I am a fan of your service. However, I have a minor bone to pick with you, in that it appears my flat was reserved for some major boning. Read More >>

Porn Has Been Banished from Vine

So what's too naughty for Vine? Let's take a look at Twitter's (and thus, Vine's) definition of "explicit sexual content." Artistic, documentary, or non-provocative nudity? Sure! Sex acts, close-ups of genitalia, or "nudity in a context or setting that is sexually provocative (like a strip club)"? You're outta luck. Read More >>

The Science of Female Condoms: The Future of Sex?

Once derided as being like a plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom is being reinvented as the next big thing in safe sex. Emily Anthes investigates.

This Live-Scroll Shows Porn Search Terms in Real Time (NSFW)

Sexual proclivities are like snowflakes—bizarre, kinky snowflakes. Many are similar but no two are alike, as evidenced by PornMD's (HIGHLY NSFW) live-scroll of global internet porn habits. Read More >>

Your Sperm are Ticking, Mutating Time Bombs

Everyone knows that as men age so do their sperm, slowing a little and becoming less... potent. But research suggests that sperm actually mutate with age—which in turn could increase the chances of fathering a child with a genetic disorder. Read More >>

This Shocking Prototype Condom Puts Some Wiring on Your Pole

It's been almost a year since Bill Gates put out his $100,000 call for better, high-tech condoms, and we haven't found a new standard yet. But Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer of Georgia Tech have a potential solution, if you're OK with putting electrodes on your manparts. Read More >>

Go Deep Inside This Vibrator Factory

For all the mystique surrounding the female orgasm, vibrators are a surefire way for lots of ladies to get their kicks. I recently took a tour of Crave, a sex toy company that prototypes and fabricates its products in San Francisco. Here's a peek inside. Read More >>

Libraries the New Sex Hotspots? Erotic Book Borrowing Surge Suggests So

Call it the "Fifty Shades" effect, call it the result of the grimmest economic depression of modern times. Either way, UK reading habits seem to be getting saucier, as libraries are recording a ridiculous 500 per cent increase in the borrowing of erotic fiction. Read More >>

The Science of Marrying Your Cousin

In modern western society, marrying your cousin is not well accepted. Through a combination of old prejudices and present-day conventional wisdom about inherited birth defects, first cousin marriage is seen by many as a little too close for comfort, as well as a bad idea if you want children. Read More >>

Teledildonics: The Weird, Wonderful World of Social Sex Toys

Sex toys are great, but they still can't compare to skin-on-skin contact. That may be about to change—kind of—thanks to a new generation of internet-enabled playthings that fall under the intriguingly-named umbrella of teledildonics. These toys let long-distance partners "feel" each other in real-time via data-enabled devices. Read More >>

The World's Oldest Tumour is 11,000 Years Old and Spread By Dog Sex

Somewhere 11,000 years ago, something weird happened to a dog. It got cancer—and the really damn freaky part is that the cancer could survive even outside of its canine host. That unknown dog is long dead now, but its tumour cells have improbably lived on, continuing to sprout on the genitalia of dogs all over the world. Read More >>

google glass
20 Questions About the New Google Glass App "Sex with Glass"

It's been obvious from the very beginning that the ultimate Google Glass experience would somehow involve hot, sweaty sex. And now, thanks to an upcoming app, the star of that hot, sweaty sexperience can be you! Read More >>


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