Go Deep Inside This Vibrator Factory

For all the mystique surrounding the female orgasm, vibrators are a surefire way for lots of ladies to get their kicks. I recently took a tour of Crave, a sex toy company that prototypes and fabricates its products in San Francisco. Here's a peek inside. Read More >>

Who Will Dispose of Your Porn and Sex Toys After You Die?

Andy Warhol once joked that dying was the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to a person. Many people give careful thought to what they want done with their assets after their death, even going as far as to spell out what should be done with their digital properties, but few think about some of the more embarrassing details of having been alive. Read More >>

This Toothbrush is a Vibrator You Stick in Your Mouth

Swedish company Foreo's got a silicon toothbrush called Issa. It vibrates like your Sonicare, and comes in woozy pastel colors. Let's not kid ourselves: this is a sex toy disguised as a dental revolution. Read More >>

Weird Augmented Sex is the #1 Hobby in Bangor, as it Tops UK's Sexiest Town Poll

Bangor in Northern Ireland has been named the "sexiest" town in the UK, via a survey that charts how much people spend on sex aids. Or maybe it's not sexy at all, if everyone who lives there needs to buy specialist equipment in order to get the job done properly? Meanwhile, male sex toys aren't popular in Okehampton. The things you learn. [Love Honey] Read More >>

Would You Slide Your Manhood Inside the Pulse "Guybrator" Sex Toy?

For any bloke who has ever surfed YouPorn while setting his phone to vibrate underneath his dick (it's a thing, seriously), your hairy palms should be reaching for your credit cards right now. Introducing Pulse, the world's first "guybrator". Read More >>

Vocal Coach Uses Sex Toys to Fix Singers' Voices

This makes sense in a way that makes absolutely no sense. David Ley, a University of Alberta drama professor and vocal coach, figured out that one especially effective and not at all lecherous way to sooth a lost voice is... a vibrator. Read More >>

Some Hi-Tech Sex Toys to Give Your Valentine's Date a Little More...Buzz

Yeah, yeah, I know, Valentine's Day is just a consumerist Hallmark holiday, not really a celebration of true love, blah blah blah. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with this extra-special evening -- so rather than jewellery or flowers, why don't you increase the luuuurve with something that makes your beloved go "ooh" and "aah." Literally. Oh, and NSFW, because...duh? Read More >>

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Jamie Oliver Tastes Alan Carr's Chocolate Dessert With Special "Vibrating" Cooking "Instrument"

Betcha any amount of money that the furtherest phrase from Jamie Oliver's mind when Alan Carr surprised him by shoving a vibrator in his mouth during a Chatty Man cook-off was "that's pukka!" Take a look at the video below for 24 seconds of chuckles -- believe me, it's worth enduring the two prats for the pleasure of seeing the cockney TV chef spluttering in horror. Read More >>

This Slingshot Cannon Shoots Vibrators Like the Little Golden Bullets They Are

They look like golden bullets, sure, but I don't care what kind of sexual deviant you are; you probably shouldn't be on the receiving end of a gun that fires vibrators. Nonetheless, Joerg Sprave has built one—caving to watcher's demands—and dubbed it the "Launcher of Love," which is suggestive in its own right. Read More >>

Diablo III Gets Women Off, While Men Play with Themselves

Absoloo, the French e-retailer of XXX items, has come out with a generous offer to accompany the recent release of Blizzard Entertainment's fantasy game Diablo III. Read More >>

Burglars Swipe £11,000 Worth of Raunchy Sex Toys

A mail order company is feeling the opposite of complete ecstasy after finding out that more than 400 of their raunchy items, worth £11,000, were stolen after robbers penetrated their property in Worcestershire. Read More >>

These Asspensive Sex Toys Cost More Than the Priceless Feeling They'll Give You

Though the pleasure you receive from using a sex toy is typically priceless, some sex toys are so ridiculously expensive it can't be worth it. Like £2,100 for a Unicorn Butt Plug or £8,300 for a vibrator? Yeesh. Read More >>


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