Super-Creepy Phone Shop Worker Convicted of Stealing Customers' Nude Photos

What's the worst experience you've had in a phone shop? A disinterested worker, unable to get you the tariff you want perhaps? Sure, that's frustrating. But that's nothing compared to having a gross shop worker take your phone in for "repairs", only later to find he'd been getting off on your private photos. Read More >>

Prepare For the Sexting Deluge With Instagram Direct

Instagram's private messaging service, Instagram Direct, is finally here. Why, though, with so many photo-messaging apps at our fingertips already, would you use a private channel for your filtered, edited, and enhanced brunches and sunsets? The same reason we do anything—sex. Dick pic, meet Kelvin. Read More >>

ios 7
iOS 7 Will Let You Take Secret Screenshots of Your Sexy Snapchats

Fellow sexters or those who like self-destructing pictures and videos, ya better listen up. Snapchat and iOS 7 might have a wee bit of a problem because in iOS 7 you can screenshot Snapchat photos without ever alerting the original person. Basically, you can screenshot without ever getting caught. Read More >>

iphone apps
Sending Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone Just Got Easier

One thing your iPhone could be better at: sending secret encrypted messages (aka for sexting and/or illicit relationships). The regular messages app leaves everything hanging out in the open! Text Fortress is an app that encrypts the messages you send and locks them down so only the person you sent it to, can see it. Read More >>

Snapchat Now Automatically Sets Your Sexy Video Messages to Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds or Less Too

The safe sexting app that automatically deletes pictures you send to friends a few seconds after they view it has added something that could get a lot raunchier: videos. Yep, Snapchat does video now. You can record a video up to 10 seconds long and send it to your Snapchat friends. They can only watch it once before it self-destructs into porny oblivion after a few seconds (1 to 10). Read More >>

user manual
The Best Way To Sext

Here we go again, talking about apps for horny people way more than usual. But that's because there's a new king: Snapchat. It sounds like something designed for children. But really, it's really designed for penises. And if you use Snapchat wisely, you can be the emperor of the dick pic. Read More >>

A Children's Treasury of Texting Slang

Today is texting's 20th birthday, and as part of the celebration, we've rounded up a little museum of texting slang. You may know some of it very well, you may not recognise some of it at all. You may even find the existence of some of it to be quite dubious. Read More >>

The Lost Pictures Found in Old Motorola Razrs Sold on eBay Are Pretty Epic

Even though we had crappier phones with crappier cameras, most of us still loved to document our not so crappy lives on our phones. New York artist Kyle M. F. Williams bought 44 Razr phones on eBay and found that "half of them still had texts, sexts, pics, and vids." He put them all together in a book. Read More >>

Before Sexting, There Was Polaroid

Long before mobile phones gave us the ability to share pictures with the tap of a button, Polaroid was synonymous with instant photography. In his new book Instant: The Story of Polaroid, Christopher Bonanos explains how that little one step camera paved the way for sexting as we know it: Read More >>

Man Jailed for Accidentally Sexting His Whole Address Book (Including Some Tweens)

You know that episode of The Newsroom where the sassy British lady accidentally emails the whole staff from her BackBerry instead of her boss? A 24-year-old swimming coach did that, but with a fairly graphic sex message. And for extra credit, he had some underaged girls in his phone. That meant trouble. Read More >>

Dress Up Your NSFW Photos with Peekiegram's Fancy Frames and Boarders

You spend all this time taking the most strategic and appealing photos of yourself, to send to...whomever is in your life to get them, but what if you don't want to give too much away too early? Read More >>

iphone apps
How to Send Secret Encrypted Text Messages on Your iPhone

Sexting on your iPhone or plotting out an illicit relationship via SMS is pretty convenient except for one thing: if someone sees your phone, you're screwed, embarrassed and exposed. Black SMS is an app that'll encrypt your messages so you never have to worry about getting caught. Read More >>

Are Kids Really Using These New Ridiculous Sexting Phrases?

I love it when old people try to understand the inner workings of the teenage brain. Like if they think hard enough they'll figure out why little Amanda sneaks out at night. Please. Kids are kids! So parents, just understand that you'll never understand the advanced and possibly unreal sexting terminology of your kids. Read More >>


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