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The Fifth Element Game That Sadly Never Was

You probably don't remember The Fifth Element game for Playstation because it was so crappy. And you don't remember this 8-bit The Fifth Element game because, sadly, it never existed. It's just a video made by those jerks at CineFix, who keep taunting us with awesome but fake retro game remakes of classic movies. Read More >>

What's the Internet Thing About You That You're Hoping No One Sees?

I know what you're thinking. This chatroom is dumb. Why would anyone reveal the thing they're trying to hide? First of all, you're so afraid of it precisely because you know you can't hide it. Second of all, if you just reveal it here it'll be out there on your terms and you can stop worrying about it. This is a cleansing process. Read More >>

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Stop Worrying, Your Internet Past Is Not Embarrassing

There's something on the internet that you desperately want to keep everyone from seeing. Something you're deeply embarrassed of. That would show all your friends how you're not actually as smart and fashionable and ironically self-aware as you pretend to be. And you really ought to get over it. Read More >>

See That Woman Mumbling Into a Sock? She's Using it to Hide a BlackBerry

An amazing hatchet job on RIM's current range of smartphones claims users are "ashamed" to be seen using BlackBerrys right now, as iPhone and Android models become the world's favourites and leave BB users embarrassed about their lumpen old phones. Read More >>

One-in-Three eReading Devices Are Used for What?

We've heard of hate-reading—the kind of reading you do out of disgust or loathing or contempt for the author. Now, it seems that a new type of reading style has emerged: call it "shame-reading." Read More >>

Everything You Need to Survive Losing Your Laptop

So I lost some laptops. Three. Three laptops. I got the last one back, but even if I hadn't, I've learned enough about the hell that that puts you through to have some advice if you end up unexpectedly computerless. Read More >>

I Lost 3 Laptops in 4 Months and This Post Is My Penance

I lost my bag on Halloween night. It had two laptops—one of which was a review unit—a bunch of notes, and all the rest of my life in it. It was one of the worst and most helpless things I've ever felt. Last night I did it again. Read More >>


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