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Exploding Giant Bubbles Will Never Get Old

Though we can never be in awe of bubbles like we once were, we can still have fun with them. Lots of fun! And the easiest way to have more fun with bubbles is to go bigger and add in slow motion to capture the exploding bubbles. When you see these giant bubbles get popped in the park, they disappear instantaneously. When you see it in slow motion from Shanks FX, you see the water fireworks that follows the sphere-ish liquid amoeba. Read More >>

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Watch Christmas Lights Recreate Star Trek's 'Beam Me Up Scotty' Effect

Even non-Star Trek fans have dreamed about teleporting away to space by just saying Beam Me Up, Scotty. And though it's unlikely to ever happen in our lifetimes (prove me wrong smart people!), the special effects maestro Shanks FX has cooked up a slick way to recreate the Star Trek teleportation effect with Christmas lights. Read More >>

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How Fibre Optics Can Make Crazy Hyperspace Visuals

We all know what it's supposed to look like when you go into hyperspace thanks to classic scenes in movies such as Star Wars and shows like Star Trek. But how do you create that look, you know, shy of building a hyperspace engine. It's a head-scratcher. Literally, in this case. Read More >>

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Fake Your Own Death this Halloween With an Air Compressor Blood Cannon

Halloween presents a wonderful excuse for a lot of things, one of the best probably being the simulation of murder and suicide for the purpose of terrifying innocent children. It's a bit difficult to pull it off live, but if you're into the idea of making a festively gory flick, an air compressor blood cannon can go along way. Read More >>

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Watch These Dry Ice Bubbles Turn Into Swirling Alien Planets

It doesn't take a genius to realise dry ice is awesome, and with Halloween right around the corner, you're bound to be seeing a lot of it. But did you know dry ice bubbles can be used as a practical effect to make whirling, churning alien planets? Read More >>


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