Robo-Bookshelf Demands Access To All Your Antiquated Media

Books, DVDs, CDs? This Robox shelving unit, designed by Fabio Novembre for Casamania, is happy to gobble up all of your outdated forms of media. But that doesn't mean it only has an appetite for information and entertainment. Not at all. It's equally adept at storing your classic Transformers—or to a lesser extent Go-Bots—collection. Read More >>

Install Shelves That Make Your House Look Windy

These shelves throw caution to the wind. They'll blow you away. They're a breeze. Can't. Stop. Puns. Everywhere. Look, the point is that paper scattering in the wind is a great motif for shelves and these are super pretty. Okay? Fine.
These steel shelves called BLOW were conceived by Japanese design studio YOY. Each shelf is A4 letter-sized and twisted to create the look of paper rustling in the breeze. The shelves are only available from the Italian home store Pianoprimo. Maybe adding some aesthetic chaos will make the mess in your house look intentional. [Spoon & Tamago] Read More >>

Corniche Shelves Are Slices of Nature to Hang Your Stuff From

These Corniche Shelves are quite nice. They're like little pieces of nature that you can slap on the wall. Read More >>

Secret Drawer Bookshelf Hides Your Most Embarrassing Collectibles

This brilliant shelf is perfect for anyone who loves to show off the tchotchkes they've amassed, but also keep the more embarrassing items out of sight. On top you can proudly display your collection of antique tea cups, while the secret drawer will easily hide all of your Pokemon trading cards. Read More >>

A Secret Pop-Out Ladder Ensures Nothing Is Ever Out of Reach On This Extra-Tall Shelf

By incorporating a three-step ladder that disappears into its front facade, this extra-tall shelf lets you maximise the storage space in your home, without requiring you to fetch a step ladder every time you need something off the top tier. Read More >>

Adjustable Dividers Ensure No Book Will Ever Topple While On This Shelf

Benson's Format bookshelf uses a series of infinitely adjustable sliding dividers on every level to keep books upright, and to visually break up its simple form. It's great news if you absolutely hate it when books fall over, but bad news if you're into collecting bookends. Read More >>

Bendy Rubber Bookshelves Literally Accommodate Whatever Literary Tastes You Have On Hand

Where does one put the massive tomes of knowledge with which the brain, a metaphorical elastic sponge, soaks up and expands to accomodate more knowledge? I dunno, how about a malleable rubber bookshelf? [Behance via Bookshelf via Boing Boing] Read More >>


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