UN: Ships Need to Shut Up So Whales and Dolphins Can Hear

The noises made by the gargantuan boats that move our stuff from one continent to another are ruining marine life. So this week, new regulations have been issued by the International Maritime Organization, the sea-faring agency of the United Nations, asking shipping companies to turn down the volume. Read More >>

Shipping Containers Lost at Sea, and the Search for Flight MH370

Just how many large mysterious objects can there be floating at sea? That's what many of us have wondered after the search for debris from Malaysia Airlines 370 turned up piece after piece of ocean junk. Read More >>

See the Global Shipping Revolution in These Beautiful Ocean Maps

The global shipping industry has completely transformed our world: today, 90 per cent of everything in your life arrives via cargo ship. These two maps prove just how dramatically international trade has increased, by comparing the oceans of the 19th century with those of the late 20th. Read More >>

Take a Rare Tour of Dubai's Crazily Hectic Shipyards

All that cement and steel has to come from somewhere. In an amazing video by filmmaker Brandon Li, we get a chance to stroll through a world not many see: the dockyards of Dubai, where everything from food to construction materials arrive in the UAE city. Read More >>

The Simple Metal Mechanism That Changed the Global Economy Forever

Have you ever heard of a twistlock? Unless you're a stevedore, probably not. Yet this little mechanism is what makes it possible to stack shipping containers onto cargo ships—enabling a global trade network that brought most of your belongings to your doorstep. And we have a relatively little-known Californian mechanical engineer to thank for it. Read More >>

Rolls-Royce is Designing Giant Drone Ships to Sail the High Seas

Believe it or not, sailors are a big drag on shipping vessels. They weigh down the ship, take up space, cost thousands of pounds a day, and even cause most of the accidents at sea. So it's no surprise that Rolls-Royce's maritime division wants to replace them with robots. Read More >>

Amazon Might Try Shipping Things Out Before You Even Buy Them

The Wall Street Journal unearthed a recently filed Amazon patent for "anticipatory shipping," a setup where the products you buy start travelling to your nearest shipping hub before you've clicked the purchase button. Welcome to the future, folks. Read More >>

How Your Christmas Presents Were Shipped—As Seen in Clouds From Space

Ever wondered how massive amounts of stuff gets moved around the world? iPhones from China, sweaters from Bangladesh, chocolates from Switzerland—they all make the transcontinental journey in containers stacked like Lego on cargo ships. And these ships can seed their own clouds, tracing out their paths across the sea. Read More >>

Britney Spears Audio Weapon Neutralises Threat of Somali Pirates

Shipping tankers floating about in the piracy-rife waters around Somalia are using an audio weapon to scare off attackers, with the music of former teen pop sensation Britney Spears said to be the most effective in deterring potential raiders. Read More >>

Rockstar Cracks Down on GTA V Deliveries, Demands Nothing Goes Out Early

Retailer GAME claims shops have been warned to make sure no one gets their pre-ordered copy of GTA V before launch day, with Rockstar demanding that no discs are put in the post before September 16th -- the day before the official launch. Read More >>

NASA to Sell Giant Shuttle Launch Platforms, Won't Help With Shipping

The US shuttle program is dead. That's sad. But the parts that made up the shuttle program have morphed into one massively absurd estate sale, the likes of which hoarders have only ever dreamed of. And that's absolutely wonderful. You'll soon be able to bid on one of the three genuine, 4,115-tonne launch platforms that shot all of our wildest hopes in dreams into the great beyond—shipping not included. Read More >>

A Photographer's Rare Trip Aboard One of the World's Largest Ships

The seven-year-old Emma Mærsk can carry more cargo than a 41-mile-long train and has a turning radius of almost a mile. Even compared to oil tankers, she’s more like a city than a boat—albeit a city that few people ever get to explore. But in 2010, a young photographer named Jakob Wagner became one of the rare civilian passengers to board Emma. Read More >>

The First Batch of Pebbles Are Finally Shipping

Did you get in at the ground floor? Punt your money and take the risk of backing the Pebble smartwatch early on? Good news, the first batch of the beauties are actually shipping today. With a bit of luck you'll have yours within a week or two. You can even check your shipping here. Anyone expecting one? [Pebble] Read More >>

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The New Backbone of International Trade Is the Single Biggest Movable Thing We've Ever Built

You won't have any trouble finding this Marco Polo in the pool—even with your eyes closed. Five Airbus A380s lined up nose-to-tail still wouldn't match the length, much less the overwhelming mass, of the world's largest container ship. Read More >>

Best Excuse for a Late Package Ever

We've all received weird "shipping-delayed" notifications. Usually they're something inane like "address does not exist" even though you're standing right there. The one I got just now from the United States' United Parcel Service, however, is rather special. I'm sorry, did you say train derailment!? Read More >>

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What If Amazon Did Yesterday Shipping?

Recent news suggests that Amazon is planning to launch same-day shipping in the US, a first for online retail and perhaps the end of local stores as we know them. But what if Amazon worked out how to bend physics and developed yesterday shipping? Read More >>


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