How Much is Delivery at Er... £3.65

Today is the day that a potentially disruptive online discounter launches in the UK, with set to go live at 2.00pm. Problem is, rumours suggest there's likely to be a £10 minimum order and a £3.65 delivery fee on top. So wouldn't we be better off taking a granny trolley to the high street instead of buying from this new £13.65 shop? Read More >>

Google Wants Adverts That Book You a Taxi Straight to the Shop

Google has filed a patent for an advertising system that lets shops provide transport for customers, demonstrating an ad that blinks away with the offer of a free ride to tempt people into clicking an advert on purpose for once. Read More >>

Makers of "Legal High" Drugs Might be Forced to Prove Their Safety

The Home Office is looking at ways to police the legal high industry more effectively, with one plan being to require makers of the various giddiness potions to prove their safety before they are allowed to be sold in the UK. Read More >>

Zavvi Detonates its Reputation With Legal Threat to Customers Mistakenly Sent PS Vitas

Media shop Zavvi suffered a bit of an internal mix-up recently, accidentally dispatching a PS Vita console to people who'd only ordered the Vita game Tearaway. Rather than laugh it off and stomach the loss, it's demanding the return of the Vitas and is behaving rather menacingly toward those who refuse to comply. Read More >>

All Remaining UK Blockbuster Stores to Close

It's another sad day for the British high street, as it has been revealed Blockbuster is to close all of its remaining UK stores following its recent slide back into administration. Read More >>

Argos MyTablet Undercuts Hudl With £99 Price Tag

Mere weeks after Tesco launched its surprisingly decent Hudl tab, Argos has announced a take on the in-house hardware concept with the MyTablet. The Argos tab is less powerful than Hudl, offering a 1.6GHz dual-core processor on a lower-resolution 1024 x 600 7-inch display, but it has that £99 price tag in its favour -- and there's a pink one. MyTablet goes on sale this Wednesday. [Argos] Read More >>

Fewer High Street Shops Closed in 2013, But What's the Scene Like In Your Local Area?

Retail stats suggest the rate at which shops are deserting the UK high street has slowed, as the new wave of charity shops, coffee chains and pawnbrokers open up to replace the holes where Woolworths and the rest once stood. But do you ever walk down your local high street any more? Read More >>

Dunkin' Hell: American Donut Master Coming to Clog British Arteries

Overweight Americanese cops' favourite donut and burger chain Dunkin' Donuts is coming to the UK, with plans to launch around 50 franchises in London and an additional 100 elsewhere in the country over the next five years. Read More >>

Chippy Accused of Racism Over 25p Ketchup Assault

Apparently, people in Edinburgh favour putting brown sauce on their fish & chips, an odd regional peculiarity that's caused a man from Glasgow to claim a chip shop's 25p fee for tomato ketchup is akin to "racism" -- because it gives away the brown stuff for free. Read More >>

Would You Take the Mrs to Dinner in a Tesco?

Tesco's about to open its revamped Watford hypermarket, which will see the supermarket giant try to "posh up" its image by adding a restaurant, nail bar, bakery and coffee shop to the space. It wants Tesco to become a fun destination, rather then where you go to miserably buy discounted cheese and margarines that aren't anything like butter. Are you in? Read More >>

EasyJet Taking On Tesco With EasyFoodstore

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of EasyJet and all its "easy" spin-offs, fancies a crack at the UK groceries market and is launching his own take on a super-cut-price version of Tesco, first in Croydon and then the rest of the UK. The day-glow orange monster is about to invade our high street. Read More >>

Blockbuster UK Has Been Saved

Britain's economy might be going tits-up, but there's one tiny pin-prick of light at the end of a very long tunnel: Blockbuster, one of the biggies in January's horror-show of business failures, is being saved from total doom. Huzza! Read More >>

ASDA Lining up Last Minute HMV Rescue Bid?

Green-topped supermarket chain ASDA may be about to salvage pink-topped physical media dinosaur HMV, with the retail giant said to be offering to buy the remaining HMV stores from the administrator -- and keep some of them going. Read More >>

37 More HMV Stores to Shut-Up-Shop After Fire Sale

HMV seems to be going from bad to worse, shutting more and more shops. Deloitte has announced another 37 are getting axed in the next four to six weeks, including HMV's Heathrow outlets. Still, you might be able to grab a bargain here and there. Read More >>

Death Watch: Blockbuster Shuts Up Another 164 Stores

Things are going from bad to worse for all those still clinging onto jobs at the failing Blockbuster. Deloitte's just announced that 164 more stores are closing with around 800 jobs lost. It just goes to show you can't compete in an online world with crummy brick and mortar rental stores. Read More >>

Jessops Is About to Make a Comeback

Are you stoked that Jessops isn't dead? Want to jump on the Peter Jones revival bandwagon? Well, now you can, because the new Jessops website is almost here, and you can sign up for updates! Amazing. Read More >>


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