Breakthrough Research Could Replace Insulin Shots With Pills

Whether you don't like needles, or whether you really don't like needles, there's some good news on the horizon: a special "bioadhesive" coating that was just developed at Brown University is bringing us one step closer to saying goodbye to injections and hello to things like insulin pills. Read More >>

The Colourful World of Shots

Alcohol is supposed to be simple: whisky, whisky, and more whisky. Maybe some gin. Tequila if you want to party. Fine, vodka too. But alcohol doesn't have to always be so boring. The sugary world of flavoured party shots can be fun! Or at the very least, be super colourful. Read More >>

Streamline Your Boozing With a Two-in-One Shot Glass/Beer Stein

It's the weekend and maybe, just maybe, you're planning on (or already well on your way to) getting totally obliterated. And, ugh, who wants to deal with all kinds of different glasses and accoutrements? Here's a pro tool to make your night of tipping 'em back instantly easier—a combination beer stein/shot glass. Read More >>

A Void Has Been Filled in the Hooch-Swilling Golfer Market

SiliPint is a company unabashedly obsessed with silicone. They love it and want you to love it, too. That is why they created the SiliShot, a patent-pending multitasking silicone shot glass/golf tee/bottle stopper that's dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. Read More >>


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