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Has It Really Taken This Long For Someone To Create Shower Curtain Ring Hooks?

There never seem to be enough places to hang wet towels and face cloths in the bathroom. So it's baffling to think it's taken this long for someone to come with the Branch—an enhanced shower curtain ring that brilliantly adds a pair of hooks. Read More >>

Someone Put a Giant Soda Fountain Shower On a Beach

I can't wait to go back to Brazil and spend some time in Rio, the famous city where people dance in flip-flops while showering under giant soda fountains in the middle of the bea—wait. What? Read More >>

The Easiest Way to Have a Social Shower Is With a Facebook Shower Curtain

Social. Social. Social. Everyone wants to be social, stay social, live social. But the best place to socialise? The shower. Too bad you need a willing human partner or a waterproof laptop for that! It's okay, there's a third option now: a Facebook-like profile page shower curtain. Read More >>


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