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Microsoft Has Invented a Way To Embed Data in 3D Printed Objects

InfaStructs is a passive, material based tag that can be identified using Terahertz imaging. Terahertz imaging is sort of like X-ray vision, and it's often used in biomedical or aerospace fields for quality control. With InfaStructs, it can see through an item and immediately pick up all kinds of data. InfaStructs could be embedded in even very small items. It could be used for inventory control, interactive gaming, or pretty much anything you'd need to link an object to. You can see how it works in the demo above. And maybe it's our future without sticky labels and price tags or awkward QR codes. [Karl D. Willis, TG Daily] Read More >>

A Revolutionary All-Seeing Camera Lens That Puts the Lytro to Shame

Alkhazur Manakov's KaleidoCamera, which will be officially unveiled at the Siggraph conference next week in Anaheim, sits between your camera's lens and body and splits the incoming light into nine separate beams that can be individually filtered before they hit the sensor in a three-by-three grid. Read More >>

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A Sneak Peek At the Mind-Boggling Future of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics have come a long way since a T-Rex ate that lawyer in Jurassic Park. But if these glimpses of what the next generation of CG has in store, we ain't seen nothing yet. Cloth simulations with hyper-realistic wrinkling, modelling complex human hair using thermal imaging, and new approaches to smoke rendering will make our future blockbusters even more blockbustery. Read More >>


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