Norman Foster on Apple's HQ: Over 1,000 Bikes, Four-Storey Glass Doors

Spaceship Apple is freaking huge: A 2.8 million square-foot orb on a 176-acre parcel serving 12,000 employees in oh-so-suburban Cupertino. While talking to Architectural Record, architect Norman Foster defended the headquarter's massive size and weird shape, and revealed some intriguing new details. Read More >>

Google Bought a NASA Blimp Hangar to Go With its Barge

Google just snatched up a piece of American history in Silicon Valley. NASA announced on Monday that Google subsidiary Planetary Ventures LLC would take over the Moffett Federal Airfield including the iconic and hulking Hangar One, former home of America's biggest blimps. Read More >>

Nvidia's New Headquarters Is Going to Look More Alien Than Apple's Spaceship

If Apple's upcoming campus is a spaceship, then NVIDIA's planned headquarters must be the alien planet that it lands on. Celebrating its 20th year birthday, NVIDIA has announced plans to build a building that looks, if not completely alien, then at the very least reptilian. Read More >>


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