How to Make Your Own Glowing Light Bulbs That Don't Need Electricity

If remembering to keep an emergency flashlight charged is beyond your responsible capabilities, here's a great tutorial on how to make another backup light source that never needs power or batteries. Over on Korean-based Hobby Design there's a relatively simple steb-by-step guide on how to make these glowing silicone light bulbs that should provide enough light to help you find your way around during a power outage. Read More >>

Silicone Storage Bags Will Make You Wish Every Meal Was Leftovers

Storage containers for leftovers and other foods are usually designed to be cheap and disposable. But it turns out there's a better way. Silicone once again makes our lives easier with these reusable, sealable storage bags that are safe to microwave, boil, or steam. Read More >>

Roll-Up Bottle Is Big When You Need it, Small When You Don't

The Bübi Bottle may look like a normal plastic water container, but it's actually made from firm, yet supple, silicone. This means you can roll it up when you're done to save space, but we wouldn't suggest reaching for it in a bar brawl. Read More >>

The Swedes Show Us Why You Shouldn't Go Mud Wrestling If You're Silicone-Enhanced

Trust the Swedes to take big and busty to the limit. As part of a Swedish channel’s jungle-based reality TV show, Djungelns Drottning (Queen of the Jungle), one of 10 "beautiful big city girls" suffered a breast implant explosion. Apparently the mud wrestling challenge was too much for the mammary-maximiser. Read More >>


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