Take Advantage of this Sainsbury's Mobile Offer With This "SIM-ply Amazing" Deal of the Day

What's exciting about SIM cards? Not much really. They're about as thrilling as a footballer's post-match interview. SIMs don't swash your buckles or tickle your pickle, but they are incredibly useful in your phone as, without them, you'd just have a blank screen, more barren than your feeble imagination. Read More >>

Get a Free SIM on the Three Network With This "Ditch the Contract" Deal of the Day

Since Ovivo vanished unexpectedly, there'll be a good number of people on the lookout for another mobile deal. Presumably, it'll be entirely made up of those with second phones because they're having an affair, or ringing up bars and asking for "Hugh Janus" and the like. Read More >>

Rumoured Samsung Gear 2.5 May Also be a Sci-Fi Wrist Phone

Korean news sources are suggesting a reworked version of Samsung's Tizen-powered Gear 2 smartwatch may appear soon, with the hardware upgraded to feature an internal USIM module that'll let wearers place voice calls via their wrists alone. Read More >>

Millions of Phones Could Be Vulnerable to This SIM Card Hack

A German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. It's never been done before (as far as we know), so it's kind of a big deal and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable from hack-by-SMS. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Admits to New 2Mb Mobile Data Speed Cap

Virgin Mobile has started restricting mobile data connections to around 2Mb, reducing the maximum download speeds on offer to 3G phone users to help give everyone a workable level of service. Read More >>

Not Convinced By 4G? Try it For Free For a Month

Tech retailer Expansys has cut a deal with 4G network EE to offer a super-cheap 4G data SIM, loaded with a 5GB data allowance -- and your first month free. Entering the code FREE4G when buying a £1.99 EE SIM from the shop gets you access to the 4G dream. Usual cost £15.99. Terms and conditions apply. Seems legit. Give it a go if you live in an LTE hotspot. [Expansys via Recombu] Read More >>

Virgin Media Uses the U-Word to Describe New Mobile Data SIMs

Virgin Media's new Big Data pay-as-you-go SIM may tempt a few of you, as it sees the network offer unlimited mobile data to SIM-only customers in return for topping up with £10 of credit a month. Read More >>

Desperate to Butcher Yourself a Nano SIM? Here's the "World's First" Nano SIM Cutter

Despite what the creator of the new tiny SIM card had to say about the ability to DIY yourself a fancy new nano SIM, where there's a, err, desperate will, there's a tool for the job. Meet the "world's first" nano SIM cutter. Read More >>

A Cut-Price Apple Macbook Pro or Air Is Your "I Don't Need No Stinking Retina Display" Deal of the Day

As you might know, Apple came out from under their techno-rock the other day and announced some upgrades to their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. All well and good, if you want to stay up to date. Read More >>

This Is (Probably) Your Next SIM Card

Over the past few months, Apple, Nokia, RIM and Motorola have all been getting very worked up over something rather boring: SIM cards. After Apple's attempt to capture the market, there's finally a new proposed design—which might actually find its way into your next phone. Read More >>

How Apple Plans to Define the Industry Standard in SIM Cards

Last week we reported that Nokia, Motorola and RIM were squaring up to Apple over a disagreement about the future of nano-SIM cards. Now, Apple is proposing that its patented design could be used for free, by anyone—dependent on one, rather large, condition. Read More >>

Apple's Nano-SIM Comes Under Fire From Nokia, Motorola and RIM

Last year, it became apparent that Apple was planning to introduce a new SIM card, even tinier than the micro SIMs it uses in the iPhone 4S and iPad. But now Apple is trying to push the idea through regulators—and its competitors are having none of it. Read More >>


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