London "Gang Members" to be Banned From Having PAYG Phones or... Bikes

A fresh crackdown on youth gang crime is about to be launched in London, with police set to ban those deemed influential gang leaders from having off-contract phones to organise their crimes on, plus bicycles may be confiscated so they have no means of escape. At least they'll be less likely to die under a lorry. Read More >>

Three Prices-up iPhone 5S -- Minimum Spend is £99 Upfront and a £37 a Month Tariff

UK mobile network Three has joined EE and O2 in announcing its pricing for the iPhone 5S, revealing there's going to be a minimum upfront fee of £99 regardless of which option you take. The good news is, unlimited mobile data's then yours for £37 a month.. Read More >>

O2 Prices up its 4G Plans and SIMS Ahead of UK LTE Launch

O2's crunched the numbers and compiled a little chart, giving us all the data needed to work out whether its 4G SIM deals are any good or not. And starting at £26 for a SIM-only plan and 1GB of 4G data, they're not disastrously expensive. Read More >>

Sainsbury's Own-Brand Mobile Network Now Live

The new spin-off mobile venture built by Sainsbury's and Vodafone is now live, with users able to buy a range of mobiles and SIMs in-store and online. The PAYG phone line up is a bit crappy, though, offering a range of entry level phones most charitably described as "affordable" at the moment -- but the SIM deals are pretty nice. And you get Nectar points on everything. [Mobile by Sainsbury's] Read More >>

Millions of Phones Could Be Vulnerable to This SIM Card Hack

A German cryptographer claims to have hacked a SIM card. It's never been done before (as far as we know), so it's kind of a big deal and shows that millions of phones are potentially vulnerable from hack-by-SMS. Read More >>

North Korea Lets You Take Your Phone in, But There's no 3G or Any Gs

North Korea has stopped confiscating the mobile phones of tourists when they enter the country, instead getting with the programme and flogging international SIM cards to visitors when they arrive. We will make a capitalist hell out of it yet. Read More >>

EE Prices up its 4G SIM Plans -- 5GB of Data for £36 a Month

If you already own a phone that's 4G capable, EE's now ready to start selling SIMs to slot in and take advantage of the UK's newest and fastest network. Read More >>

You Can Totally Butcher Your SIM Card into a Nano-SIM If You're Insane

So let's say you're really excited to get a new iPhone 5, but unlike the average buyer, you're getting an unlocked one straight from Apple, and you're champing at the bit to bring it to your carrier. Problem: your current micro-SIM won't fit. What to do?! Well you can hack your normal SIM down to size, if you're desperate. Read More >>

You Can't Just Cut Down Your Micro SIM to a Nano SIM

It looks like those with micro SIMs, or regular SIMs for that matter, aren't going to be able to whip out a pair of scissors and just cut the plastic off to turn them into nano SIMs. You'd have to shave 15 per cent off the back too. Read More >>

O2 Wants You to Stay Stay Stay With its Pay & Go Go Go

Pay & Go Go Go is the new name for the results of O2's latest fiddling with its PAYG contracts, which give users cashback and more minutes and data for showing some level of commitment to the network. Read More >>

Free Ad-Supported 3G Data Service Now Ready for UK Use

If you're OK with the idea of an ad-funded life in which everything you do is watched over by an iframe advert for mature dating, this might be of note. Mobile network Samba is now up and running in the UK, which lets you build up a mobile data allowance by purposefully watching ads. Read More >>

GiffGaff Goes Semi-Contract With its "Recurring Goodybags"

Popular mobile network GiffGaff has taken a big step toward making things a little easier to manage for its customers, with the arrival of its automatically-renewing Goodybags that pretty much turn the company's SIMs into regular pay monthly contracts. But without the commitment. Read More >>

Phones 4U JUMPs at Letting You Upgrade Every Six Months

Phones 4U has launched a new contract it's calling JUMP or Just Upgrade My Phone. The idea is to separate your calling plan from your subsidised phone, giving you one monthly price for each -- and letting you upgrade the handset every six months. Read More >>

GiffGaff Introduces "Data Bars" to Limit Internet Hogs

Popular SIM-only specialist GiffGaff has decided to get tough on the data hogs who abuse its unlimited data connections, introducing new checks and possible bars on those who suck down the most internet through their mobiles. Read More >>

TalkTalk to Sell Phones and Contracts With its Discount SIMs

TalkTalk is about to become a proper mobile phone retailer, with a range of phones and the usual subsidised contracts set to appear alongside its discount SIMs later this year. Read More >>

Royal Navy Opens New Battleship Training Sim

The Navy's new Maritime Composite Training System (MCTS) has gone online, giving trainee troops a chance to virtually practise on new Type 45 destroyers without the risk of reversing one onto a sandbank and getting on the local news. Read More >>


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