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An Epic Simulator is How You Get Ready to Launch a Supercarrier

When the Queen Elizabeth carriers come into service next decade, they're going to be the biggest, most expensive things the Royal Navy's ever owned. Given that they've got a track record of crashing their shiny new toys, however, the jolly sailor-boys have ditched their stripy uniforms and Mariah Carey covers for a state-of-the-art simulator to  learn how to sail and fight the new behemoths. Read More >>

Got £90,000 to Burn? You Need This Truly Awesome F1 Simulator In Your Life

What you're looking at here is the ultimate F1 simulator money can buy, which is about as close as you'll probably ever get to driving the real thing. You sit in a full-sized F1 car, surrounded by three 23-inch screens and enough speakers to blow your ears off. It's so good, some 'clients' are even using it for race prep. Read More >>

Guy Creates Realistic Photoshop Simulator For the Web

Wow, I am blown away by this! A programmer over at Visual Idiot has created a perfect simulation of Photoshop that runs in your web browser. It's only been tested under Chrome, but it should work in other browsers too. Read More >>

Simroid Trains Future Human Slaves In Robot Dental Hygiene

Its creators claim that Simroid, a next-generation dental patient simulator, has been developed to provide more emotional feedback to dentists in training. But I see the truth here; it's just another way robots are preparing us for their eventual takeover. Read More >>

Home Flight Simulator Lets You Fly Without the Obese Man In the Middle Seat

Since you never actually leave your living room, the OVO-4 home flight simulator lets you skip all the unpleasantness of modern air travel, while still enjoying the mind numbing boredom of being inside a commercial aircraft for hours at a time. Read More >>


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