Holy Crap, This Giant Sinkhole Swallowed an Entire Building

Imagine standing on the road one day and having a sinkhole swallow you whole. Or imagine sitting in your house and having a giant sinkhole vaporise your entire building. That's what happened in China. Two buildings in Guangzhou, China, tumbled straight into a giant sinkhole as the ground below them simply disappeared. Luckily, no one was hurt (though 300 residents had to be evacuated and some of them just lost their homes) as construction workers noticed the ground was already seeping in. Read More >>

Here's a Giant Sinkhole Swallowing a Car

Sinkholes are mother shaking scary because it's the ground disappearing on you. And they just seem to come out of nowhere! Like on this Brazilian road, a sinkhole pops up and just begins to inhale an entire car. Seriously, watch the video from the 1:30 mark—it's like the car is driving straight into the hole or Mother Nature got hungry for some metal and gasoline. [Youtube via Geekosystem] Read More >>

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Watch Your Step -- the Pavement Might Not Be as Solid as You Think

I’ll never take a solid piece of ground for granted again after seeing this poor Chinese girl captured on CCTV falling right through the pavement, totally disappearing into a large invisible sinkhole that had been eroded underneath. Read More >>


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