Modern Man Tries to Build a 3,500 Year Old Boat from the Bronze Age and Fails

A team of people from 2012 tried to re-create and build a boat from 1550 BC, the Bronze Age, but failed spectacularly. When the ship was lowered into the ocean, it immediately filled with water and started sinking. Yikes, we suck. Read More >>

This Sinking Titanic Plug Is Just a Tad Distasteful

Relatives of survivors and those killed on the Titanic are up in arms over a simple bathtub plug. The plug bit, of course, is fine; it’s just the rest of it which is just a bit in poor taste. The plug’s chain attaches to a floating rubber Titanic model at an angle, which ends up pulling the nose of the ship down depicting the Titanic as it’s sinking. A “hilarious bathroom accessory” apparently. Read More >>

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New Detailed Reconstruction of Titanic's Sinking Narrated By James Cameron

This video is great: witness a new detailed reconstruction of Titanic sinking narrated by none other than James Cameron, filmmaker, adventurer and overall cool dude. It's really detailed and fascinating. Read More >>

The Moon and a Mirage May Be the Ultimate Causes of the Titanic's Disaster

On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the South of Newfoundland. 1,517 died. Everyone knows an iceberg hit it, but scientists are now showing new research that points at the ultimate culprits. Read More >>

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Navigation Data May Indicate Costa Concordia Had a Steering System Failure

This video shows the navigation path of Costa Concordia, the ship that ran aground in Italy. Lots of things went wrong after it hit the first rock, but her path reveals that they may have been a steering system failure before that. Read More >>


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