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Watch Cortana, Siri, and Google Now Yell at Each Other and Go Insane

Cortana is the newest member of the virtual assistant family, so we thought we'd get the whole crew together for a chat. Turns out getting a sit-down between Siri, and Google Now is not only funny, but also a great glimpse at how the world will work after the machines finally take over. Read More >>

Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now: The Ultimate Voice Control Showdown

Windows Phone 8.1 is here, and with it comes not only with a notification centre but a brand new Halo-style voice assistant. But how does Cortana shape up against her competitors, who have a year or two of experience on her? Surprisingly well. Read More >>

Apple's Latest Purchase Could Bring Siri Offline

It's all well and good being able to call upon your own pocketable Siri butler, but I don't remember Bruce Wayne's buddy Alfred relying on a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection before he could stitch up his crime-fighting boss. Read More >>

Apple Just Patented a System That Could Put Siri in Charge of Your Home

While we were all focused on sensors that fit on our wrists, Apple was quietly winning 38 patents for a system of sensors as big as a house. Read More >>

Apple Sues Chinese Government's Patent Office as Battle for Siri Heats up

Apple's widened one of its patent disputes in China to involve the actual government patent office itself, with reports saying it's taking a fight over rights to use the Siri technology to the State Intellectual Property Office. Read More >>

Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now

Microsoft is late to the game when it comes to putting a digital assistant on its phones, but the wait might be worth it. Sources close to the project have revealed some of the specifics of Microsoft's upcoming "Cortana" service to The Verge, and it could be the very best of Siri and Google Now. Read More >>

Wow, Siri Does Not Like Being Asked About Spike Jonze's Her

Is Her a beautifully rendered near future vision of what life will be like when we start falling in love with artificial intelligence? Not if you ask Siri. She doesn't like Her one bit, and she'll let you know that in no uncertain terms. Read More >>

Apple's Voice Activated Dock Patent Wants to Turn Your Whole House Into Siri's BFF

Ever since it was introduced, the iPhone's voice activated butler Siri has seemed destined to break free of the shackles of its smartphone cell. With rumours increasing that Apple has its eyes set on entering the home automation market, a freshly unearthed patent could put Siri at the heart of that push. Read More >>

Watch Siri and Google Now Battle it Out Across 50 Voice Commands

Watching the two videos, it's easy to get a sense of each voice assistant's strengths and weaknesses, and the differences between the two are almost as surprising as the similarities. Read More >>

New Her Trailer Explains Modern Man's True Love for his Galaxy S4

There's a new trailer out for bizarre, Spike Jonze directed phon-com Her, in which we get to see more of Joaquin Phoenix's realistic portrayal of the population's infatuation with their mobile phones. He'll dump you for a younger model after 24 months, though, Samantha. Read More >>

Watch as The Simpsons Slams Siri

Everybody knows that Siri still sucks -- voice recognition is one of those technologies that has to work flawlessly 100 per cent of the time for it not to suck. Like in Star Trek or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Siri doesn't play that way, which is why The Simpsons slammed it yesterday in an episode full of Apple references. Read More >>

What are the Best Tech Support One-Liners Your Parents Have Asked You?

I'm at my parents' house for the weekend. Loosely translated, I'm doing some minor tech support for the next few days. My mother just implored: Siri now hates me. Can you help me? Sure, mum. Read More >>

Apple Just Bought (Another) Personal Assistant Maker

Looks like Siri might be getting an upgrade after Apple bought Cue, an app that makes personalized agendas based on scanning emails. TechCrunch's sources say that the purchase price was somewhere between $40 and $60 million, and that Apple plans to keep the company running. In other words, watch out Google Now. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

As Siri Exits Beta For iOS 7, We've Got to Ask: Who Actually Uses It?

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that every tech company copied but no one seems to ever use, is now no longer a beta product. All references to "beta" status have disappeared from Apple's Siri pages. It's finished. But is it any good? Read More >>

Microsoft's Siri Is Based on Cortana, Halo's Sexy AI Character

Microsoft is next in line to build a mobile personal assistant, one that's more than more than a robotic voice that obeys spoken commands. The feature will tie together all Microsoft products. So it's probably appropriate that it'll be named Cortana after the artificially intelligent character in Halo. Read More >>

What If Spike Jonze's Movie Her Was Actually Voiced By Siri?

KickerDixon poked fun of Her by creating a parody trailer iHer that re-tools the scenes in the original trailer with quips from Siri. That Siri sure acts up every now and then. Read More >>


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